Equality Awards 2023: Celebrating Impact, Inspiring Change 

26.09.23 10:31 AM Comment(s)

We did it! 

The Equality Awards 2023 unfolded in all its glory, and what an unforgettable evening it was! At 5.30 pm on a remarkable day at the iconic NatWest HQ in Liverpool Street, we came together as a community, brimming with excitement and anticipation. Whether you were a dedicated mentor, an aspiring mentee, or someone new to the Generation Success family, this event had it all - celebration, networking, and above all, inspiration. It was an evening that underscored our collective commitment to forging a world where fairness and equal opportunities reign supreme. 

The evening's offerings were as diverse as the Generation Success community itself. Representatives from some of the world's leading organisations graced our event. We were honoured to have participation from AIG, Twilio, PayPal, Pure Storage, Fitch Ratings, New Relic, Alteryx, LIBF, Pfizer, Crowdstrike, 2U, KPMG, TD Securities, PWC, Barclays, AlixPartners, and Paul Hastings. The room was alive with conversations and connections, uniting like-minded individuals on a mission for equality. 

We celebrated our collective efforts that have given birth to 1,000 mentoring relationships and provided invaluable support to countless young talents. It was a moment to reflect on the profound impact we've collectively made. A 4-piece band set the mood, ensuring the evening was as harmonious as it was meaningful. Live music resonated through the venue, adding a delightful touch to the celebratory atmosphere.

 As we looked around the room, it was clear that this evening was more than just an event. It was a culmination of relentless efforts, a collective vision for a brighter future, and a testament to the fact that when we come together, change is not just possible; it's inevitable. 

Honouring Our Success Seekers.
Our Success Seekers shone brightly at the event, receiving well-deserved awards that acknowledged their remarkable journeys and potential: 

Hamza Mirza - Emerging Talent of Distinction Award 
Hamza Mirza is the proud recipient of the "Emerging Talent of Distinction Award." This award celebrates exceptional promise, dedication to excellence, commitment to growth, impactful contributions, and leadership qualities. As an intern, Hamza's dedication and contributions to Generation Success, particularly his inspirational mentoring efforts and active participation in mentoring and events, make him a standout recipient of this award. 

James Thomas - Positive Impact Award 
James Thomas is honored with the "Positive Impact Award," celebrating individuals who have made significant and positive contributions to their community or the world at large. James has made an indelible mark through his dedicated internship and active participation in the PA Consulting Cohort 5. He has also voluntarily participated in events like the Festival of Work, amplifying his positive impact. 

Lushomo Koni - One to Watch / Future Leader in the Making Award 
Lushomo Koni, a rising star with immense leadership potential, receives the "One to Watch / Future Leader in the Making Award." This award acknowledges exceptional potential, dedication, and leadership qualities. Lushomo has exhibited outstanding participation in mentoring with Paul Hastings and active engagement in several different Generation Success events, marking her as a future leader in the making. 

Upasana Rajagopalan - Success Story Award 
Upasana Rajagopalan is the recipient of the "Success Story Award." This accolade honors individuals who have overcome significant challenges and obstacles to achieve notable accomplishments. Her journey during the mentoring program with PA Consulting serves as a powerful testament to the potential for transformation and achievement. Notably, she secured a job opportunity during her participation, demonstrating her dedication and the valuable skills and insights gained. 

Osemwonyemwen Igbinomwanhia - Most Impactful Journey Award 
Osemwonyemwen Igbinomwanhia is recognized with the "Most Impactful Journey Award." This award acknowledges individuals whose transformative and inspiring journeys have left lasting positive impacts. Her journey took a transformative turn during the mentoring program when she secured a permanent work contract, underlining the impact of mentorship in realizing one's potential. 

Senthoran Perananthan - Most Engaged Mentee Award 
Senthoran Perananthan receives the "Most Engaged Mentee Award." This accolade recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and active participation in mentoring cohorts and NextWave internship programs. Senthoran's outstanding dedication, proactive involvement, and continuous commitment to Generation Success events and opportunities make him a deserving recipient of this award. 

Ruvimbo Gore - Global Visionary Achievement Award 
Ruvimbo Gore is recognized with the "Global Visionary Achievement Award" for her outstanding contributions. 

Beverly Ho - Distinguished Graduate Award 
Beverly Ho is the recipient of the "Distinguished Graduate Award." This award emphasizes her exceptional distinction and accomplishments, including her active involvement at the employer, her efforts to support GS with outreach, and her participation in events with the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). 

Matthew Attipoe - Best Intern Award 
Matthew Attipoe is awarded the "Best Intern" accolade. This award celebrates outstanding interns who have demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and contributions during their internships, setting a high standard for excellence and making significant positive impacts on their organizations or teams.

Amir Mirzaei - Alumni Ambassador Award 
Amir Mirzaei receives the "Alumni Ambassador Award," reflecting the potential of his role as an ambassador for your organisation and the positive image he projects. 

Honouring Our Mentors 
Our mentors received awards that acknowledged their invaluable contributions to the Generation Success community: 

Valmir Merkaj - Guiding Light Award 
Valmir Merkaj receives the "Guiding Light Award" in recognition of his exceptional ability to provide direction, support, and unwavering belief in the potential of others. Valmir, a talented associate, has illuminated the pathways of his mentees, helping them navigate challenges and reach new heights. His dedication and willingness to invest time in mentoring have left an indelible mark, making him a role model to look up to. 

Ryan Kelly - Mentor of the Year 
Ryan Kelly is celebrated as the "Mentor of the Year." This award honours mentors who go above and beyond in driving young people towards personal and professional success. Ryan's unwavering dedication to his mentees, valuable insights, and the confidence he instills in them make him a standout mentor. Through empowering the next generation, he serves as an exemplary role model and inspiration to all who believe in the power of mentorship. 

Alex Jardine-Paterson - Role Model Award 
Alex Jardine-Paterson is the recipient of the "Role Model Award." This accolade acknowledges mentors who inspire their mentees to achieve their goals. Alex has not only achieved personal success but has also shared his journey with others, motivating and inspiring anyone who crosses his path. His mentorship has boosted the confidence of his mentees, provided invaluable insight into job searching, and offered guidance in various aspects of career development, including interviews, applications, and skills growth. 

Celebrating Equality Champions 
Suneal Ram Kissun - Equality Champion Award Suneal Ram Kissun, the Social Impact Partnerships Manager at 2U, proudly receives the "Equality Champion Award." This accolade recognizes individuals who have exhibited exceptional dedication to advancing equality in the workplace and the broader community. Suneal's unwavering commitment to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion is a shining example for all. Congratulations, Suneal, for your outstanding contributions to equality! 

Robb Thaw - Change Champion Award 
Robb Thaw, an Account Director at Natilik, has been honoured with the "Change Champion Award." This accolade celebrates individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication in driving positive change and innovation. Robb's dynamic approach to fostering transformative initiatives has made a significant impact on Generation Success and the broader community. Congratulations, Robb, for being a beacon of positive change! 

Honouring Exceptional Employers 
Outstanding employers who have actively supported Generation Success were celebrated: 

TD Securities - Best Graduate Programme Award 
TD Securities has been awarded the prestigious "Best Graduate Programme" accolade. This recognition highlights TD Securities' commitment to nurturing young talents and providing them with exceptional opportunities for growth and development. Congratulations to TD Securities for setting a remarkable standard in graduate programmes! 

Nextwave - Best Social Value Partnership Award 
Nextwave has received the "Best Social Value Partnership Award." This award celebrates Nextwave's outstanding dedication to creating social value and making a meaningful impact on the community. Through their initiatives and collaborations, Nextwave has exemplified the power of partnerships in driving positive change. Congratulations to Nextwave for their remarkable contributions to society! 

PwC - Best Impact Award
PwC has been honoured with the "Best Impact Award." This accolade recognises PwC's exceptional efforts in creating a significant and positive impact on the community and the world at large. PwC's commitment to making a difference and driving meaningful change is truly commendable. Congratulations to PwC for their outstanding impact! 

Paul Hastings - Supportive Partnership Award
Paul Hastings has received the "Supportive Partnership Award." This award celebrates Paul Hastings' unwavering support and partnership with Generation Success. Their dedication and collaboration have been instrumental in empowering individuals and driving success. Congratulations to Paul Hastings for their outstanding support and partnership! 

Pfizer - Philanthropic Partnership Award 
Pfizer has received the esteemed "Philanthropic Partnership Award." This accolade recognises Pfizer's philanthropic efforts and their commitment to making a positive impact on the community. Pfizer's dedication to social responsibility and their support for Generation Success is truly commendable. Congratulations to Pfizer for their exceptional philanthropy! 

PayPal - Best Skills-Based Volunteering Partner Award 
PayPal has been honoured with the "Best Skills-Based Volunteering Partner Award." This award acknowledges PayPal's outstanding contributions through skills-based volunteering. Their dedication to sharing expertise and skills with the community has made a significant difference. Congratulations to PayPal for their exceptional skills-based volunteering efforts! 

Nextwave - Best Internship Programme Award 
Nextwave has received the "Best Internship Programme Award." This recognition highlights Nextwave's exceptional internship programme, which provides valuable experiences and opportunities for young talents. Congratulations to Nextwave for their outstanding internship programme! 

PA Consulting - Best Mentoring Programme Award 
PA Consulting proudly receives the "Best Mentoring Programme Award." This accolade recognises PA Consulting's dedication to mentorship and their commitment to empowering and guiding the next generation. Congratulations to PA Consulting for their outstanding mentoring programme! 

AlixPartners - Equality Partner of The Year Award 
AlixPartners has been honoured with the prestigious "Equality Partner of The Year Award." This recognition celebrates AlixPartners' exceptional commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. Their efforts to foster an inclusive workplace and society are truly commendable. Congratulations to AlixPartners for being a leader in promoting equality! 

A Shared Celebration 
As we reflect on the evening, it was evident that the Equality Awards 2023 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of collective achievements, a testament to the power of mentorship, and a reminder that change is possible when we come together. We left the event inspired, with a renewed commitment to continue our mission of fostering a world where diversity and inclusion thrive. 

Thank you to all our attendees, mentors, mentees, employers, and partners for being a part of this remarkable journey towards equality and empowerment. We look forward to continuing this incredible journey together. 

See you at the next celebration! 
Generation Success