• James Adeleke

    CEO- Generation Success

    Award-winning Social Entrepreneur, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Board and Committee Member who is passionate about creating a world where no one's career is determined by their birth.

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Trusted by Leading Brands Across Multiple Industries:
"The legacy that I’m building is not just impacting one’s life but it's having a butterfly effect on those who they know today and will meet tomorrow. I can't wait to see where the journey will take them to and celebrate their success every step of the way. ​​

​It's about the type of world we want to live in, the vision of a better world.
It's about you. It's about me. It's about all of us. One commitment to act. Be the one.
Join the move to equality."

Generation Success

He is the CEO and Founder of Generation Success, an award-winning social enterprise that works with more than 70 employers in the UK and the Republic of Ireland to tackle the social inequalities and connect diverse talent to careers. This is delivered through mentoring, training and early careers recruitment services.

To be part of the change

James started Generation Success after the London riots. Rising from the riots came a desire to be part of the change. Driving by the fundamental belief, 'your career should not be defined by your birth' and witnessing the struggle that many of his contemporaries in law school faced in their careers, due to social or economic background James set about taken action.

Board Roles 

He has been involved in a number of projects centered around social mobility, diversity and equality. He serves as an external member of the Education Board at City of London Corporation, independent member of the Student Association Board at Arden University, governor at Newham Collegiate and steering committee at Foundation for Education Development.

Equal Opportunities

He is passionate about creating a world where we all have equal access and equal opportunities to achieving our career aspirations. He thrives on motivating others, building productive relationships and creating effective strategies to support the success of stakeholders with whom he works with.

Entrepreneur of Excellence Award 
​National Diversity Awards 2022
One's to Watch
​Social Entrepreneur Index 2022
Accelerate Entrepreneur of the Year
EY Social Impact Awards 2021
Alumni - Semi Finalist
​European Social Innovation Competition 2021

About me

Find some interesting facts about me that may interest you, wow you or help you in what you are looking for. Let's get to know each other better!

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Reports and publications

I have published and also been published in many studies, journals and articles. It's something that I enjoy immensely and hope that these papers will help others and welcome any opportunities to collaborate.

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As a speaker

I've been communicating my drive to equality for more than ten years and has delivered multiple tutorials, keynotes and presentations to over thousands of attendees. 


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