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    move to equality

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Support the  ​move to equality
Generation Success

Who are we

Generation Success helps and empowers young people from diverse and underprivileged backgrounds. We do this by offering education, mentoring, and industry-relevant networks that never deteriorate in value. 
We teach these young people how to take their futures into their own hands and create a change as we #MoveToEquality. By giving them the tools they need to achieve success, we're enabling a new generation of talent that's not limited by the circumstances of your birth.
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Support the  ​move to equality

Customised Mentoring Programme

Provide our young people with personal mentors to help them improve their CVs and professional skills, based on their preferred industry.

Support the  ​move to equality

Free Careers 
​Workshops & Events

Hire keynote speakers and leading companies from a range of industries to be featured in our workshops.

Support the  ​move to equality



Provide placements and work experience opportunities for our young people.

Support the  ​move to equality

Our Network of Professionals

Help us create a network of professionals to help the young people take their first step onto the career ladder. 

Help us change the world

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​Support Education, Mentorship, Early Careers
​and Networking Programs to create a more inclusive future. 
Your contribution can significantly impact providing equal opportunities to underrepresented groups and building a brighter tomorrow for all.
Support the  ​move to equality


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Support the  ​move to equality


Help a young person join CV & interview masterclasses

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Support the  ​move to equality


Help a young person get a speed mentoring session

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Support the  ​move to equality


Support our community & movement to equality

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Support the  ​move to equality


Sponsor 12-month support for a young person

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Support the  ​move to equality


Support 10 young people 

for a year

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Support the  ​move to equality
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