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    Welcome to Generation Success, where empowerment, diversity, and opportunity converge to shape the leaders of tomorrow. With a passionate team dedicated to driving positive change, we are more than just an organisation – we are a movement that envisions a world where every young individual has an equal chance to thrive in their dream career. 
About Us

Our Journey

Led by our visionary CEO and Founder, James Adeleke, Generation Success emerged over a decade ago from a deep-seated commitment to break down barriers obstructing young talents from reaching their full potential. James, an award-winning social entrepreneur, diversity and inclusion consultant, and board member, carries the authority gained through his relentless pursuit of a fairer world. His journey, coupled with a dedicated team of experts, has transformed Generation Success into an emblem of empowerment. 

Our Impact

Our impact isn't merely reflected in numbers; it's woven into the stories of transformation. Just in the last year, over 100 young lives transitioned into full-time roles, 2000+ aspiring talents found inspiration in our events, and 10,000 success seekers became part of our dynamic network, each narrative a testament to a fairer society. For young people aspiring for change, this means tailored programs, workshops, and mentorship to nurture your skills and dreams. Employers seeking enriched diversity find a gateway to innovative thinking and collaboration. And companies dedicated to driving change discover meaningful partnerships that amplify influence and reach. 

About Us
About Us

Our Approach

Generation Success embodies change through collaboration. We create bridges between young talent and opportunities, fostering a space where potential is cultivated, skills honed, and dreams realized. For young individuals, our offerings are designed to be more than just a learning experience; they are pathways to success. For employers, we provide access to a diverse talent pool, igniting creativity and inclusivity. And for companies aligned with our vision, we extend an invitation to stand with us in shaping a world where potential knows no bounds. 

Our Funding and Social Enterprise Status 

Transparency fuels our mission. Operating as a social enterprise, Generation Success ensures resource sustainability to keep our initiatives thriving. We secure support through partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations with like-minded companies invested in societal transformation. 

About Us

Join the Movement

Generation Success isn't merely a concept; it's an active force that redefines narratives and dismantles barriers. If you're a young individual aspiring for transformation, envision a world of equal opportunity. Employers, discover the power of diversity to reshape success. Companies, let's collaborate to make a lasting impact. Embrace empowerment, champion diversity, and join us in co-creating a world where potential finds its true expression. 

Empowerment. Diversity. Opportunity. Generation Success.
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The team behind Generation Success are:

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James Adeleke

Founder and Director

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kaye lara

Chief of Staff

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Prabigya Tuladhar

Digital marketing Specialist

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Angelica Garong

Recruitment Admin

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louise lowman

Head of Services

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glezy lagman

Project Manager/LinkedIn 


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Jeta Reçica

Recruitment Specialist

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Natalia Vshivkova

Project manager

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Christian Johnard Padilla

Graphic Designer

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Visar pllana

Head of Digital Marketing

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vanja babic

Events Manager & Communication Co-ordinator

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Erda kola

Business Solutions Manager

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amber herman

    Client Acquisition
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Aleksandra Kovačević


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Gail van der Sandt

Partnership Co-ordinator


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