Celebrating Champions of Equality: Companies Shortlisted for Equality Awards 2023

19.09.23 08:08 AM Comment(s)
 In a world that's striving for fairness and equal opportunities, the Equality Awards 2023 represent a celebration of real impact.

This isn't just another event; it's a recognition of the remarkable journeys these companies have undertaken to make our world more equitable. These are stories of individuals who believed in a fairer future, mentors who generously shared their wisdom, and organisations that saw potential in everyone, no matter where they came from. 

The companies that have been shortlisted for the Equality Awards 2023 have embarked on journeys that extend far beyond their corporate walls. These are journeys filled with stories of individuals who dared to dream, mentors who generously shared their wisdom, and organisations that recognised the potential in every person, regardless of their background. 

Shortlisted Companies: 
●TD Securities 
●Paul Hastings 
●PA Consulting 
●Kaizen Reporting 
●Positive Momentum 
●Accolite Digital 
●The Gozier Omezi Foundation 
●Greater London Authority 
●Culture Consultancy 
●Swan Partners 
●Pure Storage 
●Fitch Ratings 
●New Relic 

Awards to Be Presented: 
●Best Graduate Programme 
●Best Social Value Partnership 
●Best Impact 
●Supportive Partnership Award 
●Philanthropic Partnership Award 
●Best Skills-Based Volunteering Partner 
●Best Internship Programme 
●Best Mentoring Programme 
●Equality Partner of The Year 

The Equality Awards 2023 is not just a moment in time; it's a culmination of relentless efforts, a collective vision for a brighter future, and a testament to the fact that when we come together, change is not just possible; it's inevitable. Follow us as we go live on social media on September 21st, celebrating these champions of equality and the vision of a world where diversity and inclusion aren't just aspirations but the very fabric of our society. Your support in celebrating these remarkable companies and their dedication to equality is greatly appreciated. Together, let's continue to drive change and work towards a world where diversity and inclusion thrive.