Python vs. Java: The Codes of Choice for Software Development

Java and Python are two of the most widely-used programming languages in the world, and they both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. In 2023, both languages continue to be popular choices for developers, but they are used in different ways.


Whether you’re a master coder or a complete newbie, writing code is a great way to test your problem-solving skills and keep your mind active. On top of this, it’s a great skill to have for your future career. Technology is a growing industry, and being able to code is a great way to break into this industry as there are a lot of job opportunities in the market. You just have to choose the language that’s right for you and your career aspirations.


There’s so many coding languages to choose from, each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s see how two of the most popular languages, Python and Java, compare to each other when applying for your next job in tech. Through our partnership with Accolite Digital, you’ll be able to take your first step into software development with their 2023 Graduate Programme.


So, it’s time to make a choice – Java or Python?


Let’s start with the importance of Syntax. Without understanding the rules of your coding language, you’re going to run into a lot of problems when running your code. When it comes to syntax, Python tends to be the go-to option for coders. Its concise lines of code make it easier to read and understand, as well as quickly finding any errors without having to scroll through an endless stream of code. Its close resemblance to the English language (more so than Java) also makes it a good choice for beginners to begin their coding journey.

Even if you are more experienced in coding, this language makes it easier than others to learn new functions and commands. While understanding Java is still fairly straightforward, there’s no denying that Python is just a step ahead.


Where Python falls behind, Java takes the leap forward. While Python makes writing code faster thanks to its concise syntax, Java is quicker than Python when it comes to actually running the code. It may take longer in the actual writing of the code, especially when you have to take the time to compile Java before running it, but compiling your code can help in the long-run. Where python takes it one line at a time, Java can run multiple threads at once, making its end-result the fastest of the two languages. So, if you prefer a speedier run-time over, Java is the better of the two.



At the end of the day, it’s down to you to make the most out of these languages and use their unique benefits to your advantage. No matter which one you choose, there’s still plenty of job opportunities out there for you. With Accolite Digital’s 2023 Graduate Programme, you can choose which programme is the best for you. Whether you’ll stick with the speed of Java or the sleek simplicity of Python, you’ll be able to take the next steps in your career with the skills you’ll gain from career opportunities that include coding.


If you are interested in working with these technologies, we are currently hiring for a Java and Python developer position. Apply now


Last Friday, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary by recognising the amazing individuals who make us who we are. After 10 years of helping our young people improve their professional skills and kickstart their careers, we held our Equality Awards ceremony in London.

We kicked off the night with some inspirational words from our keynote speaker, Julie Chakraverty, who is a leader in creating more inclusive workplaces. This also included a welcome from our CEO, James Adeleke, going through 10 years of GS history.

During the event, we recognised the amazing individuals who have contributed to our move to equality. Whether they are our employers, success seekers, mentors and partners, they have all set the standard of what should be expected from a modern-day workforce. We celebrated the dedication, engagement, contribution and dedication of the people we have met on our journey.

We are extremely grateful for all of the individuals who have helped us make this event happen. A Special congratulation is owed to our award winners, who are an integral part of our journey. See below for winners in each category:



Equality Partner of The Year – Winner: Accolite Digital

This category awards partners for demonstrating a true commitment to the cause of moving society to equality.

Accolite Digital has demonstrated that they are deeply committed to spreading the #MoveToEquality cause. This company has actively participated and dedicated their time to a range of different community engagement/outreach opportunities such as workshops, webinars, virtual and in-person events.


In addition to recognizing this fantastic partnership, this award is also a recognition of the progress made in their graduate programme focused on improving gender and ethnic diversity within the company and the steps they have taken to address the inherent inequalities within the technology sector. Our partnered graduate programme with Accolite Digital runs in Glasgow, London and is expanding to Montreal in 2023.

Best Mentoring Programme – Winner: PA Consulting Group


This award honours partners’ commitment to using mentoring to address inequalities of people from underrepresented backgrounds entering the profession. It takes into account successful mentoring connections, innovation, engagement across the business, reach and impact.

Our mentoring programme with PA Consulting has grown year after year. From 35 staff mentoring in 2021 to 75 staff dedicating their time to mentoring sessions for our 2022 cohort. They have allowed our success seekers from disadvantaged backgrounds to make meaningful connections and gain useful advice from experienced professionals.

The PA Consulting mentorship programme had the largest reach and received the best praise from our beneficiaries. 75 Staff members had the opportunity to give back to society and cultivate the skills of our young people, such as communication and active listening skills. PA Consulting has used the mentoring programme to engage stakeholders across the business and externally to show how mentoring can be a force for good.

Best Graduate Programme – Winner: TD Securities

This award recognizes partners’ journeys and the commitment that they have shown to increasing diversity of their workforce through their graduate programme.


The award recognises the evolution of the TD Graduate programme, which evolved from the internship programme that we collaborated on back in 2019. The graduate programme operates in both Ireland and the UK. It recognises how the entire business has bought into the partnership as it aligns with their purpose of enriching the lives of the communities in which they operate. Embedded in the graduate programme is an ethos that no one is left behind. Whereby applicants are supported through the application process via webinars, access to speed mentoring sessions and other opportunities.

Best Internship Programme – Winner: AlixPartners UK

This award recognizes partners who contribute the most to the move to equality cause by using an internship programme as a tool to tackle inequalities within their sector.


The TRS division within AlixPartners has partnered with Generation Success to run an internship programme and contributed to creating a more diverse environment within their sector. The entire TRS team has been engaged with the programme, including attending social mobility training, taking part in interviews, and attending events. AlixPartners’ dedication to continuing to learn and evolve their processes makes them stand out as an equality partner.

Best Social Value Partnership – Winner: NextWave Consulting Ltd

This award category honours employers who have embedded social value/equality into their business model in order to ensure that as they grow their social impact grows as well.


Next wave has won this award because for each size-dependent contract they are awarded, they guarantee 2 weeks of paid work experience to a young person from Generation Success. Over the last 3 years, we had 15+ success seekers benefit from the paid work experience and this summer 1 of them was given a full-time graduate offer.

Best Community Engagement Programme – Winner: Paul Hastings LLP

This award recognises the partners who have empowered our community engagement and outreach activities towards our move to equality.


Paul Hastings LLP have partnered with Generation Success on a number of initiatives focused on engaging staff across the business to level the playing field in the professional sector. They have been forerunners in trying out new techniques and systems. Over the last year, they stood out by:

  • Being the first organisation to utilise our volunteering platform;

  • Hosting a careers day for 60 schoolchildren from underrepresented backgrounds;

  • Hosting events and inviting their staff to participate such as: A Law Discussion Panel and a Law speed mentoring session

  • A business hackathon – enabling young people to work with million-pound business owners

Alongside these community engagements, they have also taken part in a number of workshops and training sessions to upskill staff on mentoring and make them more aware of the factors that put underrepresented groups on the back foot at each stage of their career.

Best Impact – Winner: Barclays Bank PLC

This award recognises organisations that have had the best impact on our move to Equality.


Barclays Bank PLC has won this award for a programme run in association with Pilot Light, where senior leaders from Barclays Bank were seconded to Generation Success for over ten weeks. The staff put their analytical skills and expertise to exploring an issue in depth and recommending solutions. The result of their recommendations has been a direct reason for Generation Success tripling the size of our organisation over the last 16 months, creating more opportunities for young people and engaging more employers in the movement.

Inspirational initiative of the year – Winner: IQ-EQ

This award recognises organisations that have created innovative and/or inspirational initiatives to address inequalities.


IQ-EQ was awarded in this category due to the initiative they created as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on disadvantaged young people.


IQ-EQ has created an 8-week paid internship targeted at young people at university who were impacted by covid and could not find any work opportunities, as well as those who had not gone to university but had decided to do a professional qualification instead.


Their drive to increase access to the wealth management sector and provide opportunities to those who had been missed out was something that we found inspiring, making it one of the most exciting programmes to work on. The result of the programme was that six people were taken on internship and three were retained, with the other three utilising their experience in full-time roles elsewhere.




Mentor of the year – Winner: Momina Rehman

This award recognises individuals who had contributed to a great mentoring relationship showing high engagement and being recognised by their mentees.


Momina has won this award due to her commitment to delivering a meaningful relationship with her mentee. Besides her levels of engagement, Momina’s mentee shared with us a wonderful testimonial about her support and how she benefited professionally and personally from the sessions. We are thrilled to see how much your mentee has grown as a result of her guidance.

Equality Champion Of The Year – Winner: Jo Geraghty

This award recognises individuals who embrace our cause by spreading it over their companies and involving both internal and external stakeholders to be a part of the change.


Jo Geraghty has won this award because she has proactively taken on the mantle of being an equality champion. She has engaged in a variety of initiatives from joining our mentoring programme to encouraging her staff to become mentors. She has taken on one of our success seekers for one year, she has connected GS to her clients, and she has also engaged her staff to work on creating a leadership program for our success seekers.


Most of these initiatives were pushed by her because she truly believes in fostering change to create a world where a person’s career is not determined by their birth.

Most impactful speaker – Winner: Adina Ezekiel

This award recognises speakers who have had the most impact on attendees.


Adina Ezekiel has won this award due to her impact on the success seekers who have had the benefit of hearing her speak and taking part in her workshops.


The testimonials that we received from our attendees at the Paul Hastings LLP careers day about her workshop were truly breathtaking. The school and students all said that it had been the best careers day and industry event that they have ever been to. It really helped to enable the success seekers to see what was possible with a career in law. She has the ability to adapt her speaking staff for a more mature audience as well as the younger groups that we engage with. She is the perfect role model for our success seekers.

Most Engaged – Winner: Kattie Liggins

This category recognises mentors who have done more than their original scope – the ones who went the extra mile to help our move to equality


Katie has been mentoring 2 mentees at the same time and we have received great feedback from both of them, who have mentioned how impactful the sessions with her have been. We know 1 mentorship connection is time-consuming and requires a lot of commitment. But Katie has been equally engaged in both of her mentorship journeys with these young people.

Change Champion – Winner:  Margaret Ekpo

This award recognises the people who are catalysts for change for our mission within their organisation and in society.


Margaret Ekpo received this award because she has been a true driving force behind the partnership between Generation Success and PA Consulting. She has cultivated a grassroots movement within the organisation there has engaged all stakeholders both internally and externally. So much so that their global CEO was able to join us from America for our last mentoring graduation ceremony. He also joined the last one virtually.


She has created an environment and a team of people within the employee resource group that has had a massive impact on the organisation and in some ways has accelerated their work to impact society for the better.


We started with an initial mentoring group of 35 which has now grown to 75 this year and we look forward to the impact we can make together in 2023, with help from more inspiring individuals like Margaret.

Best Sector Partnership – Winner: Race For Natures Recovery

This award recognises the best charity partnership working to move society to equality.


This award was given to the Racial Nature initiative in a collaboration between Generation Success, Action Conservation, SOS UK and Voyage. The initiative was brought together as a response to Covid’s impact on youth prospects across the United Kingdom. The consortium was able to create a government Gateway and recruit 35 employers across the charitable sustainability sector to create 135 jobs aimed at increasing the diversity of the sector. As the sector only has 1% of employees from non-white backgrounds the programme had the following criteria:


  • Every employer had to commit to paying a living wage;

  • Every employer had to commit to taking part in diversity and inclusion workshops run by Generation Success;

  • Every employee had to commit to taking part in knowledge-sharing workshops;

  • Every employer had to commit to taking part in our research to better understand the barriers affecting increased diversity within the sector.


The work engaging stakeholders and DWP created a lot of learnings. The gateway was one of the best-rated gateways in the country. It also saw employers pause or restart their recruitment if they did not get a diverse shortlist from the DWP process. Many employers stated that they had changed their recruitment and retention policies based on their learning from the programme.

Success Story – Winner: Daniel Joseph

The success story award is for a person who exhibits everything we want our success seekers to emulate in life. That idea that success is a balance of life which includes career, supporting others to succeed and pro-actively supporting the movement.


Daniel Joseph originally signed up for Generation Success’ mentoring programme years ago when our beneficiaries would pay a nominal fee to receive mentoring and we would use the proceeds to subsidise our initiatives and mentoring for our success seekers. Through mentoring, Daniel was able to get two promotions in 6 months. His mentor’s encouragement for him to apply for these promotions and the support he received during the process are key factors in his success, according to Daniel.


Throughout his journey, Daniel has always found time to support the work of Generation Success and give back to others. He has mentored, spoken and even trained the team at Generation Success.  He has taken it upon himself to connect members to opportunities and has been a fantastic champion of the work that we do.

Lisa Hau Award – Dedicated to change Winner: MEI HUANG

Lisa Hau was one of our mentors. She had volunteered, spoken and given testimonials for GS, among other initiatives. She has dedicated her life to serving others and making change happen. Unfortunately, she tragically committed suicide.  The “Lisa Hau Award – Dedicated to change” is in honour of her spirit, passion and commitment to creating a world where your career is not determined by your birth.

Mei Huang won this award as she has been a dedicated volunteer for the last 6 years, supporting Generation Success and our mission to equality. She started her journey as a member, then became a student ambassador and then started to volunteer at our events. When she qualified as an accountant, she continued to support Generation Success, volunteering to help us with bookkeeping and financial advice as well as engaging with our mentoring programme and events. She continues to dedicate her time on a monthly basis to support our work, even during covid when her previous company put people on furlough and she had to pick up their workload, she still showed up and volunteered.

We also owe a special thanks to the amazing teams at NatWest and our own Generation Success representatives, who have helped us organise this event:

Getting An Equal Shot at a Consulting Career

In an oversaturated market, it’s the professionals who know how to make things work that get through – no matter their background.


Consulting is the place to be for all of us who have an affinity toward problem-solving. No matter what branch you choose to specialise in, the common denominator to become a well-regarded consultant is knowing what you have to do when faced with adversity.


That all sounds fairly vague, though. Let’s take a few steps back. What is consulting, and who are consultants?


“Consulting is defined as the practise of providing a third party with expertise on a matter in exchange for a fee. The service can involve either advisory or implementation services. For the consultant, taking an independent and unbiased stance on an issue is central to their role. A consultant can, in principle, service any sector. Over the past decades, the term has become synonymous with business advisory – which focuses mostly on business strategy, management, organisation, operational processes and technology.”, according to


So in short, it’s sharing your input on how to make something better. But what qualifies a consultant?

The answer is far less daunting than you’d assume! says ” …there is no legal protection given to the job title ‘consultant’, … in theory, anyone can on a day wake up and decide to adopt the consultant title.”


According to another source, all that’s really required is that your academic history and interpersonal skills are strong. Everything else is learned.


On top of that, the average consultant’s salary in the UK is around a whopping £85,000. So why aren’t more young people pursuing consultancy?


A big part of the reason is because of perceived barriers to entry. Many believe that consultancy firms only pick the “cream of the crop” based on their grades and their academic institutions. The reality is a different story altogether, however. In fact, many firms know that the real hidden potential of tomorrow’s consultancy are diamonds in the rough. They are the young people who have learned adaptability and problem-solving through prospering in less-than-perfect circumstances. They’re people like you. 


That’s one of the reasons that AlixPartners, a leading management consulting firm, partnered with Generation Success to find a new group of graduates.


Companies like AlixPartners understand the importance of fresh, diverse perspectives when it comes to helping their clients find the perfect solution. That’s why they focus heavily on knocking down the barriers to entry through inclusive programmes like this one.


All in all, If you’ve been contemplating whether you’re right for consulting and consulting is right for you – this is your sign to take action. We invite you to join the online Inclusion Network Webinar where you will have the chance to meet AlixPartners employees, alumni and others to share insights and exchange views on various topics that impact every workplace.

This event is also a great way to learn more about AlixPartners, our culture, and what makes us different. Make the most out of your adaptability by helping companies achieve their full potential and take a step toward becoming a consultant!

The Making It Expo: A Virtual Career Fair With More Than 1000 Students With Diverse Backgrounds Registered

On November 19th, we at Generation Success hosted a successful virtual event, The Making It Expo.

We accommodated 4 sector-specific panel sessions, through which our panellists shared their career journeys, explaining how they “made it” in their industries and revealing their top tips and tricks.

We had more than 1000 Students who registered for this event. The event featured live representatives from Deloitte, Accolite Digital and AlixPartners showcasing early career opportunities and networking with our student audience.


We even had three Masterclasses:
Bertilla Chow answered the most common questions about a career in Law, and how to be more confident.

Moe Choice shared his insights and tips on career planning through a highly interactive session.

Nigel Lowe focused on unlocking true potential and initiating career transformations.

A big thank you to every one of the
1165 students who registered for the event.

A big thank you to the companies that attended: Accolite Digital, Alix Partners, PA Consulting, TD Securities, RBC Capital Markets, Culture Consultancy and Deloitte.

And a big thank you to the speakers on the panels on Banking, Law, Consultancy and Tech:
Anand Chandra,
Rachel Holmes,
Norah Bianculli,
Rebecca Spiller,
Jon Harding,
Anastasia Petrova,
Nyree Basedo.

At the end of The Making It Expo, James Adeleke founder and CEO of Generation Success had this to say: “Of all the other reasons why we organise The Making It Expo and the numerous ways it helps the diverse and underrepresented students to network, learn industry and professional tips and land jobs that change their lives, the one reason I love the most about this event – it’s that it reminds us why are we doing this.”

Create Company Culture with our New Partner: Introducing Culture Consultancy

Exciting news is stirring at Generation Success! Our team is consistently working toward creating the best opportunities for ambitious young people like yourself, and a large part of that is forming new opportunities with forward-thinking companies to aid us in our mission. Because of that, and just in time for National Inclusion Week, we’re introducing a fantastic new collaboration with Culture Consultancy.


“We’re ecstatic to be able to offer more young people life-changing opportunities through our work with Culture Consultancy. We have a shared desire to create a positive impact for young people, and begin to reshape the working world so it’s more diverse, inclusive and equitable.”

– James Adeleke – Founder and Director of Generation Success

We were recently contacted to help Culture Consultancy recruit a couple of fantastic new team members – and we’re taking it a step further. This exciting company will be joining us as a mentor, helping students make the transition between education and employment as smooth as possible.

Their team will strive to provide diverse students and graduates with opportunities to reach their career aspirations. 

We’ll be working together as Culture Consultancy mentors our Success Seeker community, providing you with the support, guidance, and practical steps you need to achieve your career goals.


“I’m so excited that we’ve been able to partner with Generation Success. Equitable career opportunities are something that we passionately believe in and are striving for. All of our consultants have got stuck in with mentoring a group of Success Seekers and we’re delighted to do even more by offering paid internships too. Every business has the capability to do something practical in making our working world more equitable.” said Jo Geraghty, co-founder and director of Culture Consultancy, in regards to this new-founded partnership.


About Culture Consultancy

Transforming businesses from the inside out, Culture Consultancy is an award-winning culture change consultancy with a human touch.

They’re a team of specialists spanning culture, DEI, innovation, leadership, employee experience, branding, sustainability, and digital transformation. They present a practical, impactful partner, working to make change happen, and make it stick.

Culture Consultancy launched in 2009. From day one, they’ve been firm in their belief about practising what they preach and being the change they want to see in their clients.

They specialise in handling complexity and help clients overcome some of the trickiest business situations – whether they are going through an M&A, need to completely redesign their culture, or they are just getting started with their DEI journey.





If you want to learn more about Culture Consultancy visit them at

Nobody’s Wanted to Work for Hundreds of Years Now – The Reality of the Workforce Crisis

The talk of the town as of late has been a plea from recruiters and employers across the globe in an astounding labour force crisis. How did we get to this point? Well, the reality of it is that this phenomenon is far from new.


An excerpt from Rooks Country Record, April 27, 1894


The above image speaks to a reality that the maturing generations might forget in their current rage. This year (although it’s been this way forever, really), employers have been experiencing borderline despair in their efforts to find reliable employees, particularly in service industry positions like waiting tables or ringing up groceries. This issue has gotten to a point where certain businesses have been temporarily shutting their doors due to lack of labour.


So, what does this crisis mean for you as a member of the currently vilified generation?

 Depending on your perspective – it could be considered a good thing. At least we at Generation Success see it that way. Fewer young people are feeling desperate enough to take on unfulfilling work positions that offer no growth opportunities, no added benefits, and are even sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. With skyrocketing prices of gas, rent, and food, the daily trip to work can ruthlessly eat up an entire low-paid position’s paycheck.


People are becoming painfully aware of this and are, in exchange, much less enthusiastic to work for an hourly rate of 8 quid. This awareness speaks to a heavier matter, though. Employees are now more prepared to not work at all than to have to sell themselves off for less than their worth. It’s a change that transcends the matter of “work ethic”. In fact, unlike some are suggesting, it has little to nothing to do with work ethic.


This alleged “crisis” bears a striking resemblance to, as writer Scott Santens spoke of on Twitter, a time when Americans were called “softies and mollycoddles” for shifting to a measly 40-hour, 5-day work week in the 1920s. The terror!


In any case, it’s the people in power who have long since lost touch with the struggles of earning enough to make ends meet that are getting engorged at this uproar from the working class – and that’s how it’s always been.


The time has passed where we can work to live and live to work, and be satisfied with having nothing in between. It’s time to corner the exploitative employer and disallow unfair wages – and we’re moving toward that by “Not Wanting to Work” for less than we’re worth.


To summarise, as generations reach maturity, they seem to forget that there’s a type of job that no one wants to do – those being the underpaid, undervalued jobs. It’s an issue that’s been present for centuries, and is an issue that brought along the concept of weekends and holidays, and continues to help shape collective work culture.


By fighting for our rights as employees from grassroots, we build a more promising future for all employees – and that’s what Generation Success stands for. Follow along for more articles like this one, and sign up as a Success Seeker to ensure you get the best career-building opportunities delivered directly to your inbox.

Your Career in Law 5: Ways You Can Change The World

Making it in the law industry is an uphill battle, but pursuing your passion to make a better tomorrow can override even the most difficult of challenges. This competitive industry sees over 20 thousand graduates annually, making for some serious rivalry in grabbing hold of positions as they appear. Despite this, choosing law as your […]


The Truth About Job Fairs: Are They Worth It?

Your time at university is drawing to a close, and the pressure is on. What now? It all breezed by in what seems like minutes – and suddenly, it’s time to pick a path. Where do you even start, though..?

University prepares us for certain aspects of our professional lives, such as hands-on research, working in a team dynamic, reporting, or following instructions. University also offers us certain technical skills that are the basis for building our competencies in our career path. But what about the practical side of becoming a professional?

Finding a job is a whole different skill set than the ones required to achieve academic success, and our schooling systems try to prepare us to face those challenges – but for the most part, upon nearing the end of your education, most of us are thrust into the job hunt without a shoulder to lean on or any real-life direction.

There are tools and options set up to help us bypass this obstacle, but few are as reliable as the job fair in terms of making connections, actually figuring out what you want to do, and getting an influx of real opportunities.

What makes job fairs so effective?

Firstly, job fairs are two-way events. Not only are you looking for jobs, but companies are looking for you, for the sake of getting the first pick from tomorrow’s talented professionals.

Companies understand that getting a hold of talented young individuals like you now means that they can train them from the get-go, and get employees with a fresh new outlook to work toward their goals.

Job fairs are a recruiter’s dream come true Recruiters and talent scouts don’t have it easy most of the time. Even if so many young people are looking for jobs and it seems like there simply aren’t enough positions to fill, the same applies on the flip side. Recruiters and scouts are always on the lookout to find the perfect candidates, but a lot of the time, it’s a shot in the dark. That’s why events filled with wide-eyed, ambitious young professionals like job fairs offer the perfect destination for them to collect prospects.
You can use job fairs to check out the competition. Attending job fairs means you get to be in touch with your peers interested in the same fields as you. You can observe their techniques and learn from them to make a move toward being a killer candidate.

Ask the questions that no one else can answer. Job fairs give you the hands-on opportunity to ask real-life employees in the positions of your dreams anything. This is a completely different experience as compared to your university professors. These people are happy to share their knowledge with you and build the next generation, so think up questions beforehand and don’t hesitate to ask!

All in all, the benefits of attending job fairs are bountiful – both in person, and online. Network, ask questions, and collect information by working professionals that will help you build your professionalism and make you a pitch-perfect prospect.

With that, we’d like to invite you to Generation Success’s renowned job fair, the Making It Expo, taking place on October 19th, 2022 virtually.

By joining the Making It Expo, you’re exposing yourself to the best of the best and setting a course for guaranteed professional growth and networking in law, banking, technology, and consultancy. Take your future into your own hands and become part of the decade-long legacy that has changed thousands of lives.

How to Tackle Pre-Interview Stress: Prepare to Ace Your Interviews

We are all well aware of that nervous feeling that can overcome us when we’re standing in that interview room. Anxiety and excitement join together to make for some rather nerve-wracking scenarios – and ultimately, we struggle to collect the confidence to perform at our very best.

Generation Success is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your interviews. Get the skill set you need to beat your nerves and impress any company’s hiring team. 

We’ve compiled some hands-on tips that can help you tackle stress and ace your interviews:


  • Prepare – Practice Makes Perfect

Practise common interview questions your interviewer might ask, and the potential answers to them. Research online for potential interview questions and then dive into the answers that will really make you stick out from the crowd. 

Instead of memorising thes answers, create a guideline for how you’d like your answer to flow. Remember the keywords you’d like to include and note them down to refer to while you interview.


  • Plan your journey 

It’s best to be organised and plan your journey in advance so that you don’t panic and stress out on the day of the interview. Work out how long the journey is and if you need to take any public transport and look up your path to find the fastest route to your destination. Consider leaving home ahead of time so that you don’t enter the interview out of breath and in a hurry.


  • Do your research 

We advise ‌you do your research on the company that you are interviewing for during your preparation, as that could mean the difference in a good interview and a stellar interview. Delve into what the company does, what its purpose, mission and vision are, and why you want to work for this company specifically. Try to understand why they should hire you and what skills you can bring to the company that will benefit them as compared to other candidates. 

The next time you’ve queued up an interview, instead of falling into the rut of nerves and anxiety, follow these tips. They’ll help you feel ready and secure, know where you’re going when you’re asked questions, and alleviate your stress like a pro.

All in all, the key to performing well and leaving an impression on your interviewers is confidence – and we build our confidence through preparation. Spend the morning of your interview pumping yourself up, and remember – if this isn’t the one, loads of awesome opportunities are only a click away.

Get top tips on employability, job opportunities, internships, mentoring, and more sent directly to your inbox by joining Generation Success’s Success Seekers here.