Have You Got What It Takes To Solve A Major Business Problem?

Opportunity emerges from problems.  And everyone has problems you, me and even large multinationals. However when they have problems they’re a lot more costly than the ones you and I have.

The Work Based Challenge allows you to work directly with a major company to solve a painful problem that they’re experiencing which allows you to have a direct impact on how a large company operates giving you the skills, experience and confidence to do this again and again and again.

Working in teams, you will battle and lead your team to come up with the best solution and present to the company’s management on how you will implement it. This allows you to develop key skills such as teamwork, leadership and problem solving abilities which are highly valued by employers and vastly increase your chances of getting a job.

The world’s most successful companies such as Amazon, Ford, Fed Ex and Apple were founded on solving a problem. Once you find a pain point and solve it, you have the power to create your own entrepreneurial career and add your name to that list.

 What sort of person would the Work Based Challenge suit?

 We’re looking for a specific sort of a dream hunter to take part in the Work Based Challenge, whilst determination and drive are valuable you also need to have leadership and creativity and a strong business sense, as a winning formula to guide your team to glory.

The Work Based Challenge is broad enough so that you can add value to the challenge regardless of your background. Everyone gets the chance to succeed.

How it the Work Based Challenge works

  1. Generation Success works with a partner company to establish the most painful problems within the business
  2. Up to 20 dream hunters are then selected to apply to take part on the Work Based Challenge
  3. If you’re lucky enough to be selected we’ll then invite you to a training day which takes allows you to develop problem solving skills, become more innovative and we’ll take you through the process of idea generation and business strategy so you can understand the potential of your idea which makes your pitches more powerful
  4. Working in teams, you apply your new skills and knowledge to come up with the best idea on how to solve the painful problem
  5. Teams pitch their idea to the company’s management and receive feedback before the winners are announced
  6. The future is yours – now armed with new skills, experience, friends and confidence you can repeat your success wherever you go in life

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