The Truth About Job Fairs: Are They Worth It?

Your time at university is drawing to a close, and the pressure is on. What now? It all breezed by in what seems like minutes – and suddenly, it’s time to pick a path. Where do you even start, though..?

University prepares us for certain aspects of our professional lives, such as hands-on research, working in a team dynamic, reporting, or following instructions. University also offers us certain technical skills that are the basis for building our competencies in our career path. But what about the practical side of becoming a professional?

Finding a job is a whole different skill set than the ones required to achieve academic success, and our schooling systems try to prepare us to face those challenges – but for the most part, upon nearing the end of your education, most of us are thrust into the job hunt without a shoulder to lean on or any real-life direction.

There are tools and options set up to help us bypass this obstacle, but few are as reliable as the job fair in terms of making connections, actually figuring out what you want to do, and getting an influx of real opportunities.

What makes job fairs so effective?

Firstly, job fairs are two-way events. Not only are you looking for jobs, but companies are looking for you, for the sake of getting the first pick from tomorrow’s talented professionals.

Companies understand that getting a hold of talented young individuals like you now means that they can train them from the get-go, and get employees with a fresh new outlook to work toward their goals.

Job fairs are a recruiter’s dream come true Recruiters and talent scouts don’t have it easy most of the time. Even if so many young people are looking for jobs and it seems like there simply aren’t enough positions to fill, the same applies on the flip side. Recruiters and scouts are always on the lookout to find the perfect candidates, but a lot of the time, it’s a shot in the dark. That’s why events filled with wide-eyed, ambitious young professionals like job fairs offer the perfect destination for them to collect prospects.
You can use job fairs to check out the competition. Attending job fairs means you get to be in touch with your peers interested in the same fields as you. You can observe their techniques and learn from them to make a move toward being a killer candidate.

Ask the questions that no one else can answer. Job fairs give you the hands-on opportunity to ask real-life employees in the positions of your dreams anything. This is a completely different experience as compared to your university professors. These people are happy to share their knowledge with you and build the next generation, so think up questions beforehand and don’t hesitate to ask!

All in all, the benefits of attending job fairs are bountiful – both in person, and online. Network, ask questions, and collect information by working professionals that will help you build your professionalism and make you a pitch-perfect prospect.

With that, we’d like to invite you to Generation Success’s renowned job fair, the Making It Expo, taking place on October 19th, 2022 virtually.

By joining the Making It Expo, you’re exposing yourself to the best of the best and setting a course for guaranteed professional growth and networking in law, banking, technology, and consultancy. Take your future into your own hands and become part of the decade-long legacy that has changed thousands of lives.

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