How to get a banking internship, By Diane Wilson

So, you’ve dared to dream, are in the University of your choice, you’ve done the work- had sleepless nights and wondered when the time comes, how you will get your big, investment banking (IB) break.

Your graduation results are predicted to be- well pretty damn killer if you say so yourself, or at least good, right? But then the inevitable self-doubt begins to shroud your vision and you wonder how amongst a sea of ambitious achievers, you will really be ‘seen.’

How many other people will have great results? How many other people will be scrabbling?

How many people have more experience? More connections, inside knowledge?

With additional pathways to access opportunity, a paid internship could be the answer to your career prayers.  Mentor and leadership practices aside, the extra scope for hands on experience before entering the IBbig leagues- can only mean a competitive advantage.

Throughout her journey, prolific you tube vlogger Angelica (@Angeliculture) attained two of three competitive banking internships at Barclays and Goldman Sachs.

Despite attending a well-known and relevant school (L.S.E) she confesses, she didn’t think she had the traits of a banker. Stumbling upon her career through a variety of open days, Angelica laments how to land a gig, construct a banking C.V. gain confidence, and get ahead.

She says;

Research prior to each application must be solid, so go to as many open days as you can. By seeking out and meeting employees, you can work out what a place of work is really like. You can also decide what division you want to be in, and whether the environment is really for you. Authenticity in your application is key. Also, LEARN THE JARGON-and tell a story.

In terms of an Investment banking internship, quick research will show that you should start your application early, before your graduation year, and in your first year where viable. Also, don’t forget to practise (and smile) on camera!

Roles within banking and finance.

As roles within banking /IB are so varied- we suggest you do some independent research, a couple of positions to consider however are:

Trader-a technical and analytical role consisting of an in-depth knowledge of the markets.

Operations managers-  also, ensure the smooth running of a business and handle maintenance at its  core.

Fund managers–  make investment decisions in lieu of their clients by buying and selling assets. They also manage bonds, variants and shares, increasing their clients’ portfolio as well as their own.

Other considerations within IB finance are, compliance (legalities) technology and of course, sales.

The process

In real terms the IB process usually involves several key stages of application. This typically involves a C.V. and application form, telephone and video interview sessions, psychometric tests and in-house analysis.

If you are preparing for migraines however, and want to increase your chances, it might be worth considering a brand new graduate scheme;

Toronto Dominion Bank

Is a top ten North American and multinational IB ranking among one of the world’s 50thsafest banks. Having launched a brand new progamme for UK undergrads in November 2019, they are also growing in visibility. At 1000 applications to date since November, this can variably be compared to Goldman Sachs 150, 000 applications per annum.

Cutting much of the noise -their simple application process requires a CV and application form/ plus  telephone interview and assessment day at their UK Headquarters in Bank.

Whatever path you decide to go down however, here at Generation Success, we wish you the very best of luck.








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