We recommend that before you attend the TD assessment centre, you visit Get a firm understanding of the TD Ireland framework. This is the values that they live by and base all their decisions on. They want to see candidates that embody this. The other sections of the page and videos will give you a good understanding of TD.

If you would like to find out more information on TD and its departments, then we recommend you to visit the TD Global page as well as doing your own research via other sources.

You should aim to wow TD by showcasing your best self, your knowledge on them, and leave them seeing how you would fit into TD Securities.

Regarding the day:

  • What is the structure of the assessment day (logistics)?
    • 10am – Drinks and refreshments
    • 10:30am – Talks start
    • 11am – Assessment Centre – Group activities
    • 12:30pm – Lunch
    • 1pm – Interviews Start (candidates can leave after their interview). Interviews questions will be competency-based
  • Important contact numbers:
    • TD line: 020 8004 8150
    • James Adeleke personal mobile (last resort) in case the above does not work: 07883028775
  • Other than the skills in the job description, what are the recruiters looking for specifically?
    • TD is looking for someone who has the hunger to learn as much as they can during the internship.
    • Someone who is not afraid to give their input, contribute as much as they can
    • Be able to work within a team easily
    • Someone who is in line with their core and cultural values ( We would recommend you fully understand the TD core values and culture and demonstrate throughout the day how you fit this
  • What applicant traits are you looking for, what qualities do you expect to see during the assessment centre?  
    • Strong communication skills
    • Collaborative skills
    • Solution thinking- being able to think on your feet
    • Someone who is in line with their core and cultural values ( We would recommend you fully understand the TD core values and culture and demonstrate throughout the day how you fit this
  • On the assessment day, are they going to meet the team leader/manager of their division or not?
    • Candidates will be meeting the team leader/manager during their interview
    • We will have a minimum of 16 TD employees in the room during the assessment centre and lunch
  • If I was allocated technology but am not doing a degree in the field will this disadvantage me
    • No, this will not
  • I am not interviewing in my first choice department
    • It was incredibly hard to select candidates for TD. If you are not in your first choice, we would have put you in a department that you said you were happy to go into as a second choice.
    • Global Strategy and Trade departments are 2 new departments that were added after we started the interviews. You have been placed in this department as we felt that your skills and your department interest fit well within this division.
  • How is the interview with the stakeholders different from the one we had earlier in the application process?
    • The assessment centre will be conducted by TD staffvs the telephone interview, which was conducted by Generation Success
  • How is the selection process works at this stage (ratio of people getting accepted)?
    • Currently, 8 candidates will be chosen, although there maybe more departments that decide to take on applicants. Today the FX department has agreed to take on someone for the summer placement programme
  • And whether we will only be with students applying to the same division or we will be mixed?
    • It will be mixed for the morning session, and the interviews will be done as per the department that you are interviewing for
  • Any more tips for effective networking, please?

Regarding the assessment centre:

  • Are there individual exercises as well?
    • No, there will not be any individual exercises. Candidates will just have a 10-minute interview with a key stakeholder of the specific division the candidate has been placed in
  • Which kind of group exercises should we prepare for?
    • Preparation will not be needed
  • Will the Assessment Centre be very focused on technical aspects? Do we need to prepare stock pitches?
    • Pitches will not be required for the Assessment Centre
  • What will the group activities be like?
    • Fun and challenging
  • Are we required to do any psychometric tests?
    • No, candidates are not required to do this

Regarding the Interview:

  • Are there going to be technical questions?
    • No, there will not be any technical questions
  • Is it a strength-based interview or a competency-based one?
    • It is a competency-based interview
  • What sort of specific detail will the TD interview entail?
    • See above. However, do note that interviews may ask questions to test your commercial awareness that is outside the scope of the competency questions that they have been provided.

Regarding the Internship:

  • How will the internship be structured by day or week? (As it’s 10 weeks they want to know what they will be doing).
    • This will be provided to the successful candidates. However please note that you will be treated as a member of the team
  • How the environment of TD is like
    • Very friendly and supportive- TD is there to help its candidates through their internship and teach them as much as they can while they are there.
    • We recommend you visit our about TD page
  • Would selected candidates be preferred for the graduate internship if they were to be selected for the internship?
    • The aim of the programme is that selected candidates form part of the TD talent pipeline and enter TD. However there is no guarantee of a job, we will endeavour to keep you part of TD so that you can take up opportunities when they arise.
  • Will candidates be included in the TD events like any employee or not?
    • You will be treated as a TD employee and involved in all activities.
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