What does my dream hunter status entitle me to?

After Joining our Generation Success Dream Hunter Program, you are entitled to 6 months of 1-1 mentoring from one of our industry leading mentors which we will pair you once you fill out the mentee form found in the membership site (Mentoring tab). You are also entitled to 2 speed mentoring sessions with a host of industry leaders on our monthly power series events (Which can be applied for in our membership platform home page). You are also entitled to one 1hr life/business coaching session with our expert life coach Will Aylward.

Along with this you are also entitled to meet our industry leading speakers on our power series events and network with them. You are also eligible for free entry into our Breaking Barriers and Summer Connect events (Paid Events which can be registered from our membership platform home page)

Finally, you are entitled to all the resources in our membership platform which included numerous eBooks which you can download, watch numerous videos ranging from topics such as business to self-development, gain access to past event resources such as slides and speakers videos and so much more which you can gain access from this very membership platform

What do I do after I join?

Thank you first of all for joining and becoming a dream hunter. The first thing you should do is now is go to the getting started section of our membership platform.

Here first you can apply for a mentor form by downloading the mentee form filling it and sending it to  mentoring@generation-success.comso that you can be paired with a mentor from the Mentor section of our getting started section in our membership home page. You can then book your one-hour life coaching session by emailing our coach Will Aylward at will@orangeboxpd.com. Finally after that you can go to the speed mentoring session so that you can book your speed mentoring session for our coming event.

Can I download the resources in the membership site?

Yes, you can download most of the resources in our website except our posted videos which we are working on so that you can download that too.

Who do I contact if I have any personal questions about the membership?

If you have any problems our membership you can contact us at info@generation-success.com

How do I get my coaching session?

You can book your one-hour life coaching session by emailing our coach Will Aylward at will@orangeboxpd.com. More details are available in the Coaching Section of our membership platform

How do I get assigned a mentor?

First go to the Mentor Section in the Getting started section of the Membership home page. There you can apply for a mentor form by downloading the mentee form filling it and sending it to  mentoring@generation-success.comso that you can be paired with a mentor

What is Speed Mentoring?

Think ‘speed dating’, but for your career!

If you ever wanted your own board of senior advisers, people who are established business leaders who have been there and done it. They will advise you on how to succeed in your careers.

If you’re lucky they may also be able to share their contacts with you!

In 1 hour you will create 4 mentoring relationships and spend 15 minutes with a mentor.

If you would like to have this opportunity the speed mentoring will take place an hour before the power series event.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are top professionals in their field and range from different industries from law to business to education to technology to finance to baking to creative industries to so much more. Currently we are developing our mentor page where you can find details of all mentors associated with Generation Success.

How long is the mentoring session for?

A normal mentoring session lasts for 6 months.

Is this for me?

If you want to develop yourself and improve your overall employability then the Career Accelerator is the perfect program for you to be a part of.

Can I stop my monthly membership at any time?

Yes, you can stop your monthly membership at any time you want given you have signed up for the monthly scheme. You can request to cancel your membership by emailing us at mentoring@generation-success.com

What industries do you offer a mentor for?

Currently we offer mentors from the business field, law field, creative industries field and STEM field.

How old do you need to be?

You need to be 18 years old to be a GS dream hunter

Do I have to travel to see my mentor?

It all depends on you and your chosen mentor. If you can’t meet with him/her face to face then the mentoring sessions can be done through Skype.

 What are your Upcoming Events?

You can learn about all our coming events from our events page from the main menu.

What are the terms and conditions of my membership ?
  1. You must be a current paying member to use the services at any given time.
  2. Once a service has been booked and confirmed, it is not refundable if you choose to cancel it or otherwise are unable to make the appointment or event.
  3. Mentors / advisors will be allocated within 8 weeks of you submitting your request form.
  4. When allocating mentors / advisors to you, we will make every effort to meet your requirements, but the allocated mentor / advisor will be the closest match from our pool of mentors  / advisors.
  5. Failure to maintain monthly payments will automatically cause your account to be downgraded to the Free option.
  6. Any event or workshop is allocated to members on a first-come, first served basis and we cannot guarantee availability for every member.
  7. You can request to upgrade your membership package at any time by emailing membership@generation-success.co.uk.
  8. You can only request to downgrade or cancel your membership package after the initial six months had ended.
  9. Refunds will not be provided in the event that you choose not to take part in any of the events or use any of our services.
  10. If you have any comments to make about our service, please contact membership@generation-success.co.uk.
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