Generation Success has been selected to be part of EY Foundation’s Accelerator Program

Generation Success has been selected by the EY Foundation to be part of their 12-Month Accelerate program.

‘Accelerate’ teaches the chosen social enterprises how to scale up their business and increase their impact through business coaching, workshops, networking and project support.

This success follows on from Generation Success being named one of the top 100 social enterprises in the SE100 index earlier this year.

Generation Success is a social enterprise who works to advance social mobility and tackle the non educational barriers into the elite proffessions.

Generation Success works to remove barriers to connect businesses and people of diversity, creating equal access and opportunities.

They do this through:

  • Monthly industry insider events
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Workshops
  • Career and professional development training
  • Working with organisations to change their recruitment & retention practices

Generation Success has plans to grow to a national level, next year they will be expanding to Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. They are looking to engage employers that are keen to do engage with a diverse talent pool.

Generation Success is currently working with the Canadian Investment Bank TD securities to manage the recruitment of their 2020 undergraduate summer internship program to help them engage with a more diverse pool of students.

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