“GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special”

A chance to learn from some of the UK’s leading technological experts!

On the 20th June 2017, Generation Success is thrilled to invite guests to attend “GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special” hosted by Hill and Knowlton Strategies. Inspired by London tech week, Generation Success’ networking event will celebrate some of the UK’s leading tech talents, and provide today’s aspiring youths with guidance on how to launch efficacious careers within this sector.


The technology industry is by trade highly creative, dynamic and above all, diverse. The world of technology is all encompassing and far reaching as companies are constantly producing innovative and pioneering creations to support various aspects of our lives. A recent report quantified that since 2011, the UK has enticed £28billion in investment, an astounding figure when compared to fellow European nations including Germany and France, both of whom attracted less than half of the UK’s figure. The technology sector is as Theresa May astutely described it, “a great British success story.”


The demanding and high profile nature of this environment within the UK can install sentiments of subordination and dissuasion amongst individuals who derive from less privileged backgrounds. As a consequence of this, the technology sector suffers with a severe lack of diversity and difference. Traci Doane, President of JLL Technology Solutions spoke directly about this issue claiming that the lack of employees from under-represented backgrounds “is an industry problem, and ignoring it cuts a company off from a large pool of untapped talent and opportunities to improve your business. “GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special” will focus upon targeting today’s “untapped talent” and motivate and empower them to believe in their capabilities and pursue their career aspirations.


Generation Success is pleased to welcome 5 technological experts to the podium. Each masters in their individual fields, our speakers are united in their unalterable passion and drive, which provided them with the strength and motivation to develop incredibly fruitful careers within this beguiling industry. Catherine Isichel, Director Internal Communications EMEA and AON, Naheed Afzal, Co-Founder and Director, Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting, Tom Loeffort, UK HR Director, SAP, Anastasia Petrova, Global Programmes Director and a member of D&I Task Force, Pitney Bowes and Jack Parsons, CEO @yourfeed will each share their emboldening success stories.  Our speakers will educate youths from different backgrounds on the necessary skills needed to thrive within this industry, and develop fertile careers.


When asked about the motivations behind speaking at “GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special,” Jack Parsons claimed “Generation Success is a purposeful incentive that is making a difference when it comes to up skilling, motivating and inspiring young people and the events that they host do just that.” Parsons shrewdly captures the nature and focus of Generation Success as a movement, as our goal is to inspire our audiences with the accomplishments of today’s leading business figures and help them to exceed their personal aspirations.


By, Xanthia Adamou

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