What does a typical mentoring session look like? 

Set a target for the session. What do you want to know more about? Maybe an area you want to develop such as your understanding, attitude, knowledge, etc. Your target is what your questions will focus on and what you want to talk to your mentor about. For example, you might be struggling with your own self- confidence when presenting and want to work on that learn more about how to handle nerves. 

The mentee and the mentor come with a plan for the session. They will need to think about how they will use the time to enable you both to talk. They should plan a basic structure to the meeting, e.g. introduction; catch up from last time, their issues, key questions to ask and action points and book their next session. It is up to the both of you to decide how you guys have the sessions. You both can decide on how you would like to communicate with each other and have your sessions. This could be meeting face to face, phone calls, email, Skype etc. You both can deliberate which is more convenient and best for you. 

Have great questions ready for your mentor that will allow you to delve into and explore their work experiences. Have good additional questions to hand and think about how you further explore their answers in detail. The mentor will share information with you which can be valuable to you. 

After your session, you should refer to what was discussed in the session. You will be able to create useful actions and improve your development.