(1) How does Generation Success leverage my contact details across their network?

(I.e. Is it shared, etc?)

Your contact details are only shared with your matched mentee.

We are asking if all mentors are happy for us to mention them and display their picture on our mentor’s page on our website. No contact details will be shared.

From time to time you will be contacted by our Mentoring Manager to see how the relationship with your mentee is going and to see your capacity on taking more mentees.

We may also reach out to you around speaking or other opportunities to give back.

(2) What is the process to assign a Mentee? Does the Mentor get involved in the selection process?

The Mentor does not get involved in the selection process. However, if you would like us to ask if you would be willing to mentor the proposed match before being connected we can do that.

We use your Mentor form and their mentee form which showcases both parties personality, interests and suitability to match the mentors and mentees. This is done by our HR, Mentoring & Success Manager.

(3) Is there an introductory session between mentee/mentor to help establish if the fit is right?

There is no introductory session. However we ask both Mentor and Mentees to use their first session to see their compatibility. If either mentor or mentee feel that it is not a good match we are more than happy to re-assign them to a new mentor/mentee. Our  HR, Mentoring and Success manager is on hand to make sure that everything goes well.

We have a mentoring handbook which is given to the mentee and shared with the mentor. Both mentor and mentee are asked to fill in our mentoring agreement at the first meeting. This helps both mentor and mentee to set expectations and ground rules to build a strong foundation for their journey together.

We ask that our HR, Mentoring and Success Manager is kept cc’d into the emails until your first meeting together. This allows us to chase up any matches who have not yet met.

(4) How does it work? How long do I have to commit for?

We advise our mentors & mentees to meet or contact (phone, email, skype) their mentors/mentees once a month in order to make the most of the mentoring relationship. 1 hour a fortnight is feasible.  You should be committed for 6 months, available for a 1 hour slot each month.  

(5) Who do I mentor? What sectors do you specialise?

You can mentor anyone, we have a vast range of people looking to be mentored, from students, entrepreneurs, professionals and people who would like to explore a change in career.

We do not specialise in any specific sector, we have mentors from a variety of fields, mentoring is for anyone and everyone looking for guidance, help and development.

(6) Where / how  are the mentoring sessions conducted?

Mentoring sessions can be conducted via :

  • Face to face
  • Skype
  • Telephone
  • Or email

It is up to both mentor and mentee to agree how and when a mentoring session will be conducted.