Being a Mentee at Generation Success

Mentee: How to get involved

All Great leaders Have Mentors!

Why Consider Becoming a Mentee?

Mentee is the name given to the person who receives guidance from the mentor. That guidance may take many forms. For example, a mentee may want to work on building self-confidence, developing professional and winning behaviors or sharpening critical thinking skills and knowledge. People can become mentees at almost any age. A young manager can receive valuable guidance from experienced mid-career executives, while the mid-careerist may benefit from a mentor who is at the C-suite level. Senior executives ready to move up from a small or mid-size organization may benefit from the counsel of a CEO or COO whose career already includes leading larger, more complex firms.


  • Receive wisdom and advice, but have the freedom to make own decisions
  • Have an objective person with whom to discuss problems/concerns
  • Receive support and encouragement for combining career and family
  • Friendship
  • Have a role model
  • Intellectual stimulation


  • Receive assistance with long-term career planning and direction
  • Receive help with clarifying career goals and course of action
  • Receive good advice and practical help for obtaining additional training
  • Receive general constructive criticism and guidance


  • Learn negotiating skills
  • Experience increased motivation and productivity
  • Develop new interests
  • Discover the importance of collegiality and sense of community

How to get Involved

The program is open to any individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs. There is no minimum experience level required.
Must have the mindset to personally develop, get inspired  and excel.

If you are interested in our mentoring program, please register your interest to