GS Power Series: Law Special

About this event

This event aims to inspire and support you in building essential knowledge, skills and confidence required to accelerate your career. It will offer valuable mentoring and networking opportunities. You will meet our amazing mentors, honourable guests and like-minded individuals. Hear their real-life experiences and career journeys and learn from industry leaders.

This is a unique networking opportunity for YOU to hear from a panel of the UK’s leading legal professionals who will be sharing their career journey and lessons with you, the Generation Success network.

Why Attend?

  • This is an opportunity to gain advise from leading business figures and discover their secrets to success.
  • If you were ever put off going after your dream job, senior position or starting your own business, please think again.
  • This event is about breaking all those barriers and providing you with guidance and connections to make it happen.

What you will gain:

1) Be inspired by the accomplishments of today’s leading legal professionals

2)  Gain guidance to exceed your career aspirations

3) Learn techniques that you can incorporate into your life, career and business

4) Build relationships with like-minded individuals and future colleagues in a casual setting

5) Know how to take action and achieve more

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GS Power Series: Black History Month Special

About the event

This black history month, Generation Success is proud to welcome a panel of leading BME business leaders who will be sharing their career journey and secrets to their success with the Generation Success network.


In an ideal world, the month would not be necessary, because educational establishments and the national curriculum would fully recognise and appreciate the contribution of black people throughout history. Sadly, that is not the case. 

Black History month is an opportunity to share with the world vast contributions from BME leaders. It’s a time to demonstrate pride in the BME community’s creativity, respect for its intellectual prowess and a celebration of its cultural identity which is far too often misrepresented, when it is not being ignored, in the mainstream. 

This is an opportunity to hear from a panel of leading BME business figures and discover their secrets to success. If you were ever put off going after your dream job, senior position or starting your own business, please think again.This event is about breaking all those barriers and providing you with guidance.


What you will gain:

  • Be inspired by the accomplishments by today’s leading BME business leaders
  • Build connections
  • Gain guidance to exceed your aspirations

There will also be a chance to WIN a free hour mentoring session with one of our mentors as a raffle prize.


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Career City Conference

The Event

Career City Conference Meets Breaking Barriers 2019 is a one day conference designed to bridge the career aspiration gap between high performing students from low socioeconomic backgrounds and companies looking for diverse talent.  

The day will feature workshops and talks held by the UK’s most senior leaders. There will be an employer zone for attendees to meet employers and hear about opportunities that they have available.   

What makes Career City Conference special is the fact that attendees will have to apply to attend. They will be selected based on their grades and social economic data. Meaning that the attendees who will be present are those who truly need the opportunities.  

Companies who exhibit and take part in the day will benefit from engaging with a diverse talent pool, that is hungry, educated and stem from a catchment pool that they are currently not reaching.  

Our goal after the event is to benefit as many attendees with mentoring and career days delivered in partnership with our corporate sponsors.

Our Schedule

  • 9 am Registration and pre-event networking
  • 9.30 am Welcome and Opening Remarks (in LT) and Keynotes  
  • 10.30 am  Break out session 1  (skills/session) 
  • 11.30 am  Break out Session  (skills/session)
  • 12.30 pm Lunch & Speed Mentoring & Meet the employers  
  • 1.30 pm Making it happen (break out) – Industry focused sessions 
     Please note entrepreneurship will also be a stream 
  • 2.30 pm  Meet the recruiters (breakout session) / Startup advisers (Stay within industry classes)
  • 4 pm  Final Keynotes and Closing remarks   
  • 5 pm  Networking  
  • 6 pm Event close  

Our aims: Network, Learning, Achieving

  • To connect underprivileged but high performing students to companies looking to hire diverse talent 
  • Identifying strong business leaders from the community to share their career stories and the struggles they faced to get to where they are now. 
  • To inspire and help attendees move forward with their career path.  
  • Showcase career options and opportunities available

Our Guarantee:

1)  Direct access to Leading figures

2)  Top and secret tips about career progression.

3)  Diversity of audience

4)  Speakers who are inspiring and want to inspire other people (paying it forward)

5)  Casual welcoming atmosphere

6)  Opportunity to sign up to our mentoring program

There will also be a chance to WIN a free hour mentoring session with one of our mentors as a raffle prize.

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Careers Week at Lloyd’s Banking Group FX Team

The application for this programme has now closed. However please leave your details to be considered for future opportunities like this.

You can find our upcoming programmes and events here:

This includes our work experience at the RCJ

Generation Success brings you another amazing opportunity to connect with employers and gain valuable experience, the above ticket is an application to the programme and successful applicants will be contacted.

The RISE in Markets Week provides an opportunity for ethnic minority undergraduates to visit Lloyds banking group and experience a busy trading floor in the financial sector.

RISE is part of a wider Group initiative, which seeks to embrace the diversity of Lloyds Banking Group’s Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Heritage – or REACH as it’s known for short. Through this project, Lloyds banking group actively supports people in the communities that they work in.  Activities covered by this programme include networking, work placements and access to Group-wide role models. 

The CB Markets team has partnered with Generation Success to identify students from all over the UK.

We are looking for students who share a passion for learning about financial services.  

In addition to providing an introduction to Financial and Capital Markets, the week will include a number of sessions to help students focus on how to develop softer skills, leadership, confidence and self-branding.  Lloyds banking group staff across CB Markets will be on hand to share their own experiences at various stages in their own careers and to help the students get the most out of their placement.