As part of response to COVID and commitment to making sure we live in a world where your birth does not determine your career. We have moved all our programmes and activities online to ensure that no one is left behind.  It consists of:

  • Virtual careers conference 
  • Virtual Speed Mentoring 
  • Student fellowship programme 
  • Free ebooks 
  • Free video content 
  • Careers library 

Do see below how we can help you in achieving your career aspirations. 

If you are a company or individual who would like to support us please do click here.

Virtual City Careers Conference

A virtual careers conference that has speed mentoring, talks, workshops, employer stands and interviewing rooms for job and volunteering opportunities. Designed to upskill and connect:
  1. Those who have lost a job due to COVID
  2. Undergraduate students from low-income backgrounds
to jobs and volunteering opportunities. We are looking to do this on 29th June – 11 weeks from Monday. Although can push this back,

A dynamic full feature virtual careers conference targeted to help you get into law, banking, finance, consulting, technology & more

We are proud to announce Generation Success Digital Career City. We are taking our networking and development conference digital so that it is assessable to everyone in these uncertain times.

Virtual Speed Mentoring

Think ‘speed dating’, but for your career!

This is a great opportunity to be mentored by leaders from across different sectors

If you ever wanted your own board of senior advisers, people who are established business leaders who have been there and done it. They will advise you on how to succeed in your careers.

If you’re lucky they may also be able to share their contacts with you!

In 1 hour you will create 4 mentoring relationships and spend 15 minutes with a mentor.

COVID Support Package

Our Covid package of support to the above groups which includes:
  • A coaching session with our Director of coaching  Max to look at self-limiting beliefs and tackle mental health-related issues caused by COVID-19
  • 6 months Mentoring by industry experts
  • Access to our membership platform giving them access to our collection of resources. eBooks, webinars etc
  • Access to our online virtual conference. Where we will have volunteering, work experience and job opportunities. As well as talks and workshops by industry leaders

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