The Truth About Job Fairs: Are They Worth It?

Your time at university is drawing to a close, and the pressure is on. What now? It all breezed by in what seems like minutes – and suddenly, it’s time to pick a path. Where do you even start, though..?

University prepares us for certain aspects of our professional lives, such as hands-on research, working in a team dynamic, reporting, or following instructions. University also offers us certain technical skills that are the basis for building our competencies in our career path. But what about the practical side of becoming a professional?

Finding a job is a whole different skill set than the ones required to achieve academic success, and our schooling systems try to prepare us to face those challenges – but for the most part, upon nearing the end of your education, most of us are thrust into the job hunt without a shoulder to lean on or any real-life direction.

There are tools and options set up to help us bypass this obstacle, but few are as reliable as the job fair in terms of making connections, actually figuring out what you want to do, and getting an influx of real opportunities.

What makes job fairs so effective?

Firstly, job fairs are two-way events. Not only are you looking for jobs, but companies are looking for you, for the sake of getting the first pick from tomorrow’s talented professionals.

Companies understand that getting a hold of talented young individuals like you now means that they can train them from the get-go, and get employees with a fresh new outlook to work toward their goals.

Job fairs are a recruiter’s dream come true Recruiters and talent scouts don’t have it easy most of the time. Even if so many young people are looking for jobs and it seems like there simply aren’t enough positions to fill, the same applies on the flip side. Recruiters and scouts are always on the lookout to find the perfect candidates, but a lot of the time, it’s a shot in the dark. That’s why events filled with wide-eyed, ambitious young professionals like job fairs offer the perfect destination for them to collect prospects.
You can use job fairs to check out the competition. Attending job fairs means you get to be in touch with your peers interested in the same fields as you. You can observe their techniques and learn from them to make a move toward being a killer candidate.

Ask the questions that no one else can answer. Job fairs give you the hands-on opportunity to ask real-life employees in the positions of your dreams anything. This is a completely different experience as compared to your university professors. These people are happy to share their knowledge with you and build the next generation, so think up questions beforehand and don’t hesitate to ask!

All in all, the benefits of attending job fairs are bountiful – both in person, and online. Network, ask questions, and collect information by working professionals that will help you build your professionalism and make you a pitch-perfect prospect.

With that, we’d like to invite you to Generation Success’s renowned job fair, the Making It Expo, taking place on October 19th, 2022 virtually.

By joining the Making It Expo, you’re exposing yourself to the best of the best and setting a course for guaranteed professional growth and networking in law, banking, technology, and consultancy. Take your future into your own hands and become part of the decade-long legacy that has changed thousands of lives.

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What Ubuntu Means to Us

“I am because you are”, says the ancient African proverb. In Zulu, the full expression is “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” – summarised simply as Ubuntu, or “humanity”.


The proverb’s history spans back to the mid-19th century. Ubuntu was widely referred to as a human characteristic at this time, but as times shifted, it took on a life of its own as a way of being and acting. 


The profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievements of others,” said Nelson Mandela, highlighting the fundamental application of Ubuntu. 


Generation Success lives by ubuntu. All of our actions are an expression of this mantra. 


We believe in equal opportunities, and in true altruism, because we embrace that this generation’s success is a matter of our collective success.


Ubuntu is our unity. It’s finding joy and fulfilment with your community. We share our achievements and understand that there is no limitation between “I” and “us” – not really, at least.


For organisations like ours, Ubuntu works. Despite this, the philosophy has gotten a great deal of backlash throughout the years. Particularly in South Africa, a number of politicians have taken hold of the benefits in propagating Ubuntu following the abolition of apartheid. The misuse of Ubuntu as a ploy on moralising the public is still frowned upon.


“… they fit traditional, small-scale culture more than a modern, industrial society,” said Thaddeus Metz, a philosophy professor at the University of Johannesburg. 


Prof. Metz refers to the intimacy of sharing a community and being one. This literal understanding of Ubuntu is a crucial starting point to understanding the foundation of living by Ubuntu. 


Ultimately, Generation Success wishes to sit back and watch as a ripple effect takes place. We aspire toward equality and unity. And we are who we are because of who we all are – not just in our organisation, but everywhere. 

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Generation Success is building up youth to become the perfect candidates alongside the guidance of industry experts.

Generation Success is building up youth to become the perfect candidates alongside the guidance of industry experts.

As part of Generation Success’s journey toward empowering the next generations to be the best they can be, our team hosted yet another successful event on May 26th: “Mock Interviews with Your Future Employers”, alongside our dedicated partners.


Mock interviews are a stellar way to practice interview skills before the real thing. At this event, we accommodated 14 speakers who shared specific and personalized advice and gave responses to questions of attendees from their own experience and their successful journeys.


Special thank you to all our hosts for helping with our goal of making the next generation succeed.

..And to all of our attendees!

Visit www.generation-success.com for our next events and job opportunities.
Join the move to equality.


Making Imposter Syndrome Your Superpower

Making Imposter Syndrome Your Superpower Banner

Self-doubt is unavoidable, but how do you face adversity in situations where you simply don’t feel like what you have to offer is enough?


Some let this sensation overcome them, and get lost in inadequacy… But isn’t there more to be done? We’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, and we’d like to put you on the right path to use this so-called setback to your advantage.


Use Imposter Syndrome to Become the Best.


  • Savour in working harder than anyone else.
    You’re done with all of your work… But are you, really? If you’ve dealt with imposter syndrome in the past, you probably know better. While this can be straining, it also makes sure you keep yourself to the highest possible standard. Depending on your starting point, you might assume that everyone keeps themself to this standard. The secret is…. They don’t. You’ve got a secret weapon, and that is the urge to go the extra mile. Your doubt in your skills will push you to achieve maximum results by hyper-focusing.
  • Never, ever stop learning.
    Even though lacking trust in yourself sounds like a negative – in terms of perfecting your craft, it’s the master key. You spend your time double- and triple-checking, where others would lock up shop and call it a day. You find the most relevant information available and measure out the odds and ends to make sure everything fits perfectly. You dive into knowledge with an open mind, ready to accept what you didn’t know already. These traits lead to real expertise. You can’t fake that.
  • Constantly asking for feedback.
    Don’t let yourself feel like a burden for wanting to make sure you’re on the right track. Asking time and time again for clarity and confirmation makes you an attractive employee in the long run – because it can’t go on forever. Build your confidence and fuel your passion for your work by harnessing the knowledge of others. Don’t allow your doubt to overwhelm you. Embrace your uncertainties and make them work for you, instead of against you.
  • Stay humble, aware, and ready to grow.
    Your self-awareness makes you special. Knowing how to recognize your weak points means you can actively work on correcting them. Self-reflection and understanding build your professional skill set up to become well-rounded and reliable in the workplace, no matter the challenge.
  • Strong inspirations lead to strong implications.

Your uncertainty inspires you to aim higher, fight harder, and find mentors and role models to look up to. Trusting the process and finding your path to growth sets you apart from the crowd, and having the receptivity to recognize what you need in others makes your potential for growth endless.


The next time you feel like you’re doubting yourself, utilise that energy to reflect and recognise that that self-doubt is the very tool paving your path. Get started on embracing the endless opportunities waiting for you at Generation Success by clicking here.


Generation Success’ Third Quarter Successes!

London – 29th December 2021 – This last quarter has been laced with a string of successful ventures for us here at Generation Success. As an impact social enterprise, our chief aim is to make our presence known in every corner of the UK and Ireland as we strive to break barriers creating equal access and opportunities for all young people. October has been a significant month for us being black history month and our busiest and most successful month yet as we successfully hosted our 2 flagship events which included our Black History Month Special event, celebrating the best of Black Britannia, to our concentration on enabling people access to dream professions in the annual Making It In The City Careers Conference.


This conference featured representatives from Deloitte, Reed Smith, Moneybox, PwC along with a myriad of others. The abundance of exhibitors who attended the conference symbolize the sectors we operate within that are law, banking & finance, consulting, technology and entrepreneurship. The wealth of impressive accolades from this event include over 200 attendees, 249 job applications in the process of being made as well as a staggering 3223 messages exchanged between employers and attendees. We’re beyond proud and cannot wait for next year’s edition of Making It In The City which will take place on 19th of November 2022.


November too has been a fruitful month for the organization, with those previous events notwithstanding. On the 16th Generation Success hosted 2 speed mentoring events which allowed for young people and the speakers to garner valuable insights from one another. Additionally, we hosted our  ‘How To Get A Job In Investment Banking’ seminar on the 23rd. This event provided young people with an invaluable opportunity to network with professionals and quiz them on both industry best practices as well as the effective methods to both landing work and thriving in the sector. We were joined by exhibitors from TD Securities and Barclays as well as Josephine Roy, a senior member from Citi, who spoke on the importance of diversity and inclusivity within the workplace, sentiments that our organization very much echoes.


Heart, hands or spirit: how do you see your social enterprise? | The Social  Enterprise Magazine - Pioneers Post

Our CEO James Adeleke very proudly represented us and did us proud when he won the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award, as part of the EY 2021 Foundation’s Impact Awards, for organizations who continue to aid in the growth of their organization. The GS team is immeasurably proud of this achievement and would like to thank EY Foundation for both their recognition coupled with their continued support for the work we do.


On the 24th of November, Generation Success worked alongside the Law Society to help those interested in a legal career gain the necessary knowledge as well as building pivotal industry connections to jumpstart their legal journey.

Moreover, December has been all about STEAM for us.  We announced our partnership graduate programme with Accolite Digital, a consulting and digital services organization. Accolite were on the prowl for ambitious and tenacious graduates with a keen passion for technology to join their Software Development Graduate Scheme. As part of our tech powerhouse series of events on 6th and 9th December, we hosted  mock interview events with 2 organizations in the STEAM industry. Both these respective companies occupy the software space operating within the communications, media and financial domains.


On the subject of our tidal waves of seminars, Adeleke commented, “Generation Success has been killing it this November. It moves me to see how the team, across all divisions, is united in lifting the GS ethos for the world to see! I am extremely touched that so many organizations are supportive of the work we do; it is an encouraging sight. I eagerly anticipate the coming of many more events with these professionals!”


Nothing is of greater importance to the ascension of the GS organization, than working with young people. Our Tribe Success is enjoying continued development and to aid our growth and sustainability goals, we are looking to capitalize on our new Goodsted careers platform, which is designed to allow easy access to our career resources and community outreach programs. Our outreach team has been incredibly busy working with the likes of Alix Partners and Paul Hastings LLP, both of whom attended our city careers conference, to guide these firms on how they can work with us to drive the social mobility of the wider society. Our Goodsted and Ambitergo platforms allow students, graduates, and others, a wealth of opportunities to increase their employability via undertaking psychometric tests, tutorials on CV and cover letter writing, along with general career advice for the main sectors we operate in, participate in outreach projects, interact with mentors and success seekers.


December has further been spectacular as we were joined by Tor’s Law, who gave us and our podcast viewers some exciting career and mindset snippets during our live session  on the 2nd. Regarding the podcast, Tor said; “Like GS, I’m passionate about making a real difference to people’s lives.” We’re closing the year on a high, having collaborated with the tech companies of New Relic and Amdocs as well as preparing for future seminars to hit the ground running early next year, an example being our hackathon with SAP in February. All of our teams have worked tirelessly to deliver enticing career resources so, as we can appreciate, they’re all looking forward to the festive season. And for some the festivities will be celebrated in warmer climates, as James Adeleke recently tied the knot in the Sandals Resort in St. Lucia. Our team wishes him many beautiful years ahead with his spouse. Whilst the current times may be distressing for a great many people, we must always remember that Christmas is a time for peace and goodwill to all. Our organization extends its most sincere greetings for the coming holiday period.


Make sure you’re on the lookout for our events in the new year; join our flourishing tribe and access a world of remarkable opportunities. Our organization continues to improve the circumstances of peoples from every and all walks of life. For continued updates about all matters pertaining to the GS mission, we kindly invite you to visit our website.

Generation Success Collaborates with Powerhouse Investment Bank

London, 12th July 2021, – Generation Success, a technologically aided social enterprise, is proud to partner with a renowned Canadian investment bank to create an unparalleled investment banking graduate scheme. The motivation behind the selection of this particular ascending enterprise can be attributed to the their unyielding ethos of providing both equal access as well as opportunities to mobilize into elite professions, such as the financial, legal and consulting services, for those from underrepresented backgrounds.   

Based on a wealth of experience from supporting 10,000 young people and working with 65 employers,  the scheme will ensure that all candidates receive the necessary support to start from an equal playing field for these highly sought-after roles.

Emerging as a positive outgrowth from the sullen aftermath of the 2011 London Riots, Generation Success prides itself on securing as many opportunities, in the form of internships and graduate schemes, for those who lack both the necessary means as well as industry connections. James Adeleke, the current CEO, founded the organisation after observing the tragic events leading to the riots in addition to their earth-shattering reverberations. Their vision is comprised of one iron clad notion; everyone regardless of their socioeconomic denomination, in addition to any other contrasting index of social categorisation, has the right to better themselves and thus should be granted every successive opportunity to do so.

The inception of this social enterprise had its roots with a small yet sustained origin providing food parcels at the university Adeleke attended as an undergraduate law student. From these humble beginnings, Generation Success has since mushroomed out to encompass a growing team entirely committed to the betterment philosophy by bringing this elementary concept into firm reality.

“I envisioned Generation Success as I feel passionate about creating a potent difference in society today,” commented Adeleke. “I am proud of the ground we have covered and remain optimistic that the work we are doing will make a tremendous impact to the lives of young people who find themselves at a daunting crossroads. We liken ourselves to battering rams, breaking down the barriers preventing particular individuals from achieving their career aspirations.”

We actively encourage students from any and all academic disciplines that graduated last year or are graduating this year to find out more about the investment banking graduate programme at www.generation-success.com.

This scheme forms one pivotal component of Generation Success’ commitment to striving to achieve equal opportunities for all, which includes recruitment for roles part of the UK Government’s Kickstart Scheme.

Generation Success- Law Special

Law Special Poster Blog


Every year we give    inspirational business leaders within the law sector the platform to showcase themselves through sharing their career stories.

At Generation Success are all about equal opportunities and representation of people from different backgrounds, our panel of speakers reflect just that!


Our speakers

We are so lucky to have such an amazing bunch of leaders within our networks’ that are willing to dedicate their time and efforts giving useful insights for us all!

A massive thank you to:

  • Rachel Holmes
  • Arun Birla
  • Daniel Winterfeldt
  • Julia Dalton

The Lead Up- 3 Tips from the Speakers

For this years’ Law special we started our #3tips initiative. To kick this off we kindly asked our speakers to provide us with 3 tips of how to get into the sector based on their experience.

The aim was to bring interaction and knowledge prior to the event to engage us all!

the top tips from our speakers

  • Be yourself
  • Be confident
  • Be tech savvy

The Live Event

We Hosted the event on zoom as it enables a webinar experience, as well as networking opportunities for all via breakout rooms for the speed mentoring aspect!

As promised we utilized these facilities and enabled all of our 48 attendees the opportunity to mingle with our speakers and each other

We have already received such amazing feedback from the event via social media which has been amazing!

Thank you all so much for attending and being involved in whichever way you could


The Generation Success team



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HR Zone: Diversity and Inclusion by James Adeleke

Generation Success Founder and President James Adeleke has made a contribution to HR zone to demonstrate why Diversity and Inclusion is the future of Business and why it is time to champion greater social mobility for young talent. He elaborates on why class and social status shouldn’t be a barrier to entry into a career in today’s society.
With more than 5 years experience in working to champion Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace through Generation Success, James applies his personal experience and notes that “Companies need to throw out the rulebook when it comes to employing young people and put in place new ways and means that give prospective employees more opportunity to shine.”

How to get a banking internship, By Diane Wilson

So, you’ve dared to dream, are in the University of your choice, you’ve done the work- had sleepless nights and wondered when the time comes, how you will get your big, investment banking (IB) break.

Your graduation results are predicted to be- well pretty damn killer if you say so yourself, or at least good, right? But then the inevitable self-doubt begins to shroud your vision and you wonder how amongst a sea of ambitious achievers, you will really be ‘seen.’

How many other people will have great results? How many other people will be scrabbling?

How many people have more experience? More connections, inside knowledge?

With additional pathways to access opportunity, a paid internship could be the answer to your career prayers.  Mentor and leadership practices aside, the extra scope for hands on experience before entering the IBbig leagues- can only mean a competitive advantage.

Throughout her journey, prolific you tube vlogger Angelica (@Angeliculture) attained two of three competitive banking internships at Barclays and Goldman Sachs.

Despite attending a well-known and relevant school (L.S.E) she confesses, she didn’t think she had the traits of a banker. Stumbling upon her career through a variety of open days, Angelica laments how to land a gig, construct a banking C.V. gain confidence, and get ahead.


She says;

Research prior to each application must be solid, so go to as many open days as you can. By seeking out and meeting employees, you can work out what a place of work is really like. You can also decide what division you want to be in, and whether the environment is really for you. Authenticity in your application is key. Also, LEARN THE JARGON-and tell a story.

In terms of an Investment banking internship, quick research will show that you should start your application early, before your graduation year, and in your first year where viable. Also, don’t forget to practise (and smile) on camera!

Roles within banking and finance.

As roles within banking /IB are so varied- we suggest you do some independent research, a couple of positions to consider however are:

Trader-a technical and analytical role consisting of an in-depth knowledge of the markets.

Operations managers-  also, ensure the smooth running of a business and handle maintenance at its  core.

Fund managers–  make investment decisions in lieu of their clients by buying and selling assets. They also manage bonds, variants and shares, increasing their clients’ portfolio as well as their own.

Other considerations within IB finance are, compliance (legalities) technology and of course, sales.

The process

In real terms the IB process usually involves several key stages of application. This typically involves a C.V. and application form, telephone and video interview sessions, psychometric tests and in-house analysis.

If you are preparing for migraines however, and want to increase your chances, it might be worth considering a brand new graduate scheme;

Toronto Dominion Bank

Is a top ten North American and multinational IB ranking among one of the world’s 50thsafest banks. Having launched a brand new progamme for UK undergrads in November 2019, they are also growing in visibility. At 1000 applications to date since November, this can variably be compared to Goldman Sachs 150, 000 applications per annum.

Cutting much of the noise -their simple application process requires a CV and application form/ plus  telephone interview and assessment day at their UK Headquarters in Bank.

Whatever path you decide to go down however, here at Generation Success, we wish you the very best of luck.