Generation Success Summer Party

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The date, July 20th 2016. The venue, Mahiki London. The event, Generation Success Summer Party. On this particular summer evening, Generation Success and guests were transported to paradise. Surrounded by tropical and Polynesian decor, with vibrant, theatrical and delicious drinks in hand and Honolulu flowers galore. It was the perfect setting to thank the speakers, stakeholders and volunteers, that have contributed to the achievements and growth of Generation Success since its conception in 2013.


Generation Success is a non profit organization, which strive to provide young people with opportunities to build their specialized skills, partake in workshops and network with motivated and inspiring professionals of their aspired field. Generation Success is the platform bridging the gap for young people between education and employment and entrepreneurialism. The work they have accomplished would not be possible without the integral involvement of the numerous speakers, volunteers and stakeholders over the years.


Founder James Adeleke delivered a powerful presentation, with the key message, “We are the next generation and we must come up with our own solutions. Just because this is the way things have been done, does not mean that it should be the way it is done.” His compassion and commitment to this enterprise could be understood through his speech, enthusing the audience and myself to emulate this passion. Adeleke identified the accomplishments so far of Generation Success, but what was just as exciting was hearing the future prospects and plans. Further talks and networking events will be held along with the GSPowerSeries. These programs include networking dinners, which connect aspiring youth with leading industry professionals. The university challenge program, workshops which focus on developing a youth’s employability and the mentoring program providing the skills to kick start young adult’s new careers.

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His words during this event and previous Generation Success events have impacted me greatly and it was wonderful to see and feel the same enthusiasm from the rest of the guests. What more, a fantastic video, comprising of testimonials from previous attendees was shown, validating the success and impact of the company.

With a joyful buzz in the air, wacky cocktails in hand and good-humored conversation, it was only fitting for us to show our appreciation and gratitude to our committed speakers and volunteers attending, by holding a raffle. Some great prizes were up for grabs, provided by our dedicated sponsors. First prize an hour’s photography session with Sam Lane Photography, worth £150, second prize a signed copy of Business Evolution by Janice B Gordon, third prize a crate of craft L’Atypique cider and the final prize a fine bottle of wine.

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1st Prize Winner David Smith

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2nd Prize Winner Maria Fernandes

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3rd Prize Winner Carol Stewart

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4th Prize Winner Sophia Moulti

It was a fantastic evening, which GS members and speakers clearly enjoyed. The first of its kind, but hopefully not the last.

With special thanks to our guests and to Mahiki London for sponsoring and hosting the event.

Written by Aashfaria Anwar