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What Ubuntu Means to Us

“I am because you are”, says the ancient African proverb. In Zulu, the full expression is “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” – summarised simply as Ubuntu, or “humanity”.


The proverb’s history spans back to the mid-19th century. Ubuntu was widely referred to as a human characteristic at this time, but as times shifted, it took on a life of its own as a way of being and acting. 


The profound sense that we are human only through the humanity of others; that if we are to accomplish anything in this world, it will in equal measure be due to the work and achievements of others,” said Nelson Mandela, highlighting the fundamental application of Ubuntu. 


Generation Success lives by ubuntu. All of our actions are an expression of this mantra. 


We believe in equal opportunities, and in true altruism, because we embrace that this generation’s success is a matter of our collective success.


Ubuntu is our unity. It’s finding joy and fulfilment with your community. We share our achievements and understand that there is no limitation between “I” and “us” – not really, at least.


For organisations like ours, Ubuntu works. Despite this, the philosophy has gotten a great deal of backlash throughout the years. Particularly in South Africa, a number of politicians have taken hold of the benefits in propagating Ubuntu following the abolition of apartheid. The misuse of Ubuntu as a ploy on moralising the public is still frowned upon.


“… they fit traditional, small-scale culture more than a modern, industrial society,” said Thaddeus Metz, a philosophy professor at the University of Johannesburg. 


Prof. Metz refers to the intimacy of sharing a community and being one. This literal understanding of Ubuntu is a crucial starting point to understanding the foundation of living by Ubuntu. 


Ultimately, Generation Success wishes to sit back and watch as a ripple effect takes place. We aspire toward equality and unity. And we are who we are because of who we all are – not just in our organisation, but everywhere. 

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Generation Success is building up youth to become the perfect candidates alongside the guidance of industry experts.

Generation Success is building up youth to become the perfect candidates alongside the guidance of industry experts.

As part of Generation Success’s journey toward empowering the next generations to be the best they can be, our team hosted yet another successful event on May 26th: “Mock Interviews with Your Future Employers”, alongside our dedicated partners.


Mock interviews are a stellar way to practice interview skills before the real thing. At this event, we accommodated 14 speakers who shared specific and personalized advice and gave responses to questions of attendees from their own experience and their successful journeys.


Special thank you to all our hosts for helping with our goal of making the next generation succeed.

..And to all of our attendees!

Visit www.generation-success.com for our next events and job opportunities.
Join the move to equality.

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Generation Success Goes German

German corporate leviathan SAP, a global collective occupying the software space industry, is proud to announce an investment opportunity within the UK market. This move comes as a desire to grow its pool of clients and such a decision will undoubtedly consolidate its occupation as a pivotal distributor of both cloud based solutions as well as services to aid UK based organisations run more efficiently. The company plans to funnel upwards of £250m into its UK operations. 


SAP is proud to unveil its new software appropriately called SAP UK Data Cloud which serves as a water tight British cloud technology. Further moves can be found in SAP’s ambition to establish two new offices in London, at 52 Lime Street colloquially known as the Scalpel, and another in Manchester. Secondary moves will see SAP enhance its employment opportunities through acquiring new blood via its internship schemes. There is an expectation of 250. Whilst an exact figure pertaining to the number of new positions that will be created, managing director Michiel Verhoeven said it would be in the hundreds. Generation Success will be heavily involved in this endeavor continuing supply the very finest talent to SAP’s profound  attainment of the software industry. 


With this new product held firmly in SAP’s retention, the German goliath will be able to provide cloud solutions and services using hyperscale infrastructure at UK data centres. It is becoming increasingly commonplace for industries to turn to cloud storage that makes it their top priority to ensure all data is managed and stored correctly. Nowhere is the need for this more apparent than in the public sector. 


SAP as it exists today, started off as a very different company and over the course of five decades has expanded, enjoying a successful business culture and garnering continued success and attainment in the technology industry. Whilst almost impossible to conceive, factoring in its continued growth as a financial powerhouse, the inception of SAP saw it begin as replacing old punch card machines with electronic systems. From this noble genesis, SAP has evolved to yield numerous impressive accolades such as becoming a global superpower supplying payroll technology married together with accounting programs. Moreover, the company has garnered £131b as a result of its dual marketing tools coupled with its human resources services.   


Today’s world is a truly contentious one with all matters on the political spectrum rising from the nether region. From Biden’s America to the Covid crisis and the climate change catastrophe it seems that there’s always one more entity to escape Pandora’s box.  On our own soil, we not only have Johnson’s cabinet shenanigans to contend with but also the tumultuous territory of Brexit to navigate. A promising agreement via the European Council has ensured that despite Britain’s insistence upon departing the EU, data is still able to travel to and from the UK to the rest of Europe with both pin point accuracy and ease. Furthermore, in spite of the mere mention of the frosty term ‘Brexit’, Verhoeven has guaranteed that Anglo Germanic relations would remain as potent as possible as the UK’s market for SAP would enable it to produce upwards of £20b regardless of the Brexit quagmire. 


The aforementioned predicament with Covid has resulted in a renaissance regarding working life, among other areas. Nowhere is this footprint on the pages of history more visible than in the working habits of city dwellers. Pre Covid, (I coined that first, you all heard me correctly) the city workers were packed into offices like silver spoons, regailing their peers with tedious anecdotes around the watering hole of the vending machines. Mirroring the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, Covid arrived and brought this to a close.  


Whilst the trend of working from home continues to gain traction, Verhoeven added, “We still want an office culture to take charge over our employees working from home. Whilst we can appreciate the current climate of fear surrounding Covid, SAP remains adamant that a healthy office environment is the key to our employees remaining productive. 


More on SAP and Generation Success:> https://news.sap.com/uk/2021/07/sap-announces-e1-4-billion-investment-in-the-uk-over-the-next-five-years/



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Generation Success STEM Fair 2021

STEM Fair 2021

Generation Success STEM Fair 2021

Yesterday, we had our first event of the year. The STEM Fair not only showcased various career paths within the industry but provided networking opportunities with esteemed professional operating within it.

Each speaker provided valuables tips and insight, especially on how to make it in STEM, but the key takeaway was crystal clear – be proactive.

There are multiple ways to success, and there sure will be failures. But as long as we continue trying, success awaits. Thus, we are proud to be showcasing these success stories.

We would like to thank our speakers and mentors (Saroj, Tara, Mag and Harvinder) for supporting us, for sharing their experiences, success stories but more importantly their struggles. Your stories truly inspire us, and we are hoping we pass on the inspiration through our initiatives.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, and to the GS team, for providing the platform for such exchange. We are hoping to keep on inspiring and empowering. Stay tuned for more.


Please check out our more events:> Click Here

If you want to be involved with Generation Success:> Become an Equality Champion

Want to watch our Talks on Demand: Check out our Youtube Channel

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Generation Success Making it Happen in The City Conference: A Huge Success

On November 17th, we have hosted a successful event, “Making it in the City – Virtual Careers Conference”.

We accommodated 4 sector specific panel sessions, through which our panellists shared their career journeys, explaining how they “made it in” their industries and revealed their tips.

Live representatives from Google, SAP, BT, Markel and TMK were with us, showcasing early career opportunities.

We then had 5 masterclasses!

Laura Trendall Morrison,GameChanger answered the most common question of these times: How do we adapt?

Moe Choice shared his insights and tips on career planning through a highly interactive session!

Sandy Gill focused on unlocking true potentials, and initiating career transformations.

* Richard Fallon * provided a mini-training on how to create a top first impression. He did not only talk to us, but allowed us to practice, within the session.

Femi Bola MBE NTF FRSA shared her CV writing and interview tips, highlighting the common mistakes.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, and to our fellow speakers.

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BAME Leadership Conference a Success to #MovetoEquality and #ActivateChange

On October 20th, we hosted our BAME Leadership Conference, with the aim of connecting industry with future talent, while tackling the elephant in the room. We brought together 11 speakers, all from different backgrounds, operating within different industries, having various specialisations, interests and stories. Ursula Henry, our fellow board member, kicked-off the conference with an amazing keynote speech, on how to become an ally, and the importance of inclusivity. Dr. Bijna K Dasani then highlighted the power of inclusion, at her inspiring speech.

James Adeleke, our CEO, then welcomed Aden Eyob, Aliza Ayaz, Movell Dash, Lin Yue and David Neita at the BAME Leadership Panel, where our fellow panelists shared their stories and personal experiences, outlining the challenges BAME persons face, while entering into their industries. Having multiple viewpoints was indeed very valuable, given industries react upon and deal with the issues around diversity and inclusion differently.

After our panel session we moved to the Employer Zone where we accommodate organizations who wish to showcase their early career opportunities at the booths we provide. We were delighted to have live representatives from BT on board. Our attendees visited the booth, asked their questions, and networked with the fellow representatives. Simultaneously, we offered Speed Mentoring sessions.

We closed off our event with 3 workshops, conducted by Geoffrey Williams, Fatemaa Ahsan and Marcus Orlovsky. Geoffrey talked about microaggressions, and provided his audience with the guidelines to deal with them. Fatima, on the other hand, discussed the relationship between the development and civil behavior and inclusivity. She went down to the roots of the issue, and explained to her audience that we need to take a bottom-up approach, while trying to initiate change. Last but not least, Marcus shared the guidelines on how to break through self-limiters, encouraging his audience to “Be Brave”.

We would like to thank everyone who attended. We are very proud to have hosted such inspiring and esteemed professionals and organisations who are dedicated to equality.

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Generation Success Activate Change Conference a Success

On the 24th of September, we virtually conducted our Activate Change Conference. Nadim Zahawi, Minister for Business and Industry, kicked-off the conference with an inspirational keynote speech. We then had 3 outstanding break-out sessions, provided by Kerry North, Mona Vadher and Duncan Exley.
Our fellow speakers talked about and shared their insights on building active citizenship, demystifying social mobility and removing the non – educational barriers to recruitment. We finalised our event with a fruitful panel discussion. Max Commuzzi, our Director of Coaching, hosted Aden Eyob, Hannah Soar, Corrine Crosbourne, Emma Richards and Xingang Wang. Along with sharing their personal experiences, our panelists touched upon the importance of inclusive mindset and holistic approach, explained the relationship between neuroscience and inclusivity, and outlined how specific sectors/industries react upon the equality gap. We are honoured to have hosted such a powerful event where representatives from the government, industry and education gathered together.

Don’t worry if you missed it, we are now getting ready for our upcoming events! Here is the October/November Schedule. Stay tuned for updates.

October – November Events Schedule

  • 20th October – “ BAME Leadership Conference“ Tackling the Elephant in the Room and Helping Organisations Be Colour Brave! (Sign up here)
  • 29th October “ GS STEM FAIR“ aimed at those who are not in education, employment or training as part of our Mayor of London Programme (Sign up here)
  • 17th November “ City Careers Conference“ Preparing for a New Dawn (Economic Recovery from COVID and Life After Brexit, how to prepare to tackle/ succeed in our new environment) (Sign up here)

Generation Success City Careers Week 2020, #Move to Equality

The 2020 City Careers Conference by Generation Success was a huge success!

Over the 7 days of conference in the first week of July we had had speakers from various industries including Finance, Law, HR, Consulting, Technology, Creative Industry, and Investment Banking offering valuable career advice and hosting workshops to address our participants’ most popular concerns. Thank you for your valuable insights and for your help with Generation Success’ endeavour to move to equality and create more opportunities!

Thank you everyone who signed up for the event, hope you have enjoyed the virtual learning and networking experience. And may I say good job for having successfully navigated the webpage for our very first virtual conference!

The careers conference had nearly 1000 participants and had digital footprint of 50000 people!  This would not have been possible without the help of the amazing Generation Success team of volunteers who drafted social media posts, moderated workshops and offered mentoring sessions – a massive thank you and it is a pleasure to have you on our team!


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John Nicholson MP talks to Generation Success CEO on Talk Radio

John Nicholson MP talks to Generation Success CEO on Talk Radio on sunday 21st June about Dominic Raabs take a knee comment. You can listen here at25mins 35 secs: https://talkradio.co.uk/radio/listen-again/1592751600#
SEE this companies
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Generation Success Virtual City Careers Conference

Generation Success launches COVID 19 response to support young people of diversity in post-pandemic recovery
  • Mental health support for young people affected by COVID 19
  • Mentoring, coaching and networking for those looking to begin their career or who have lost jobs in the midst of COVID 19
  • Supported by major UK business including PWC, Latham Watkins, SAP, Kantar
Generation Success, an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation driving equality in UK business, today launches its COVID Response Programme for young people from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds who are leaving education, have lost their job or been adversely affected as a result of the pandemic.
The aim of programme is to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion are at the forefront as business grapples with the beginnings of COVID 19 recovery. Young people will have access to an extensive library of video and eBook resources, as well as mentors, coaching and job and volunteering opportunities; with support throughout applications and interviews.
As part of its response, Generation Success will also host a series of City Career conferences, with the first launching this week, connecting prospective employees or volunteers in meaningful ways with some of the UK’s largest businesses. Using Hopin technology to get as close as possible to ‘real world’ experience, the conferences will feature keynotes from leading businesses including PWC, Latham Watkins, SAP, Kantar and more as well as one-to-one sessions across a range of topics.
 Attendees will have the chance to network informally with peers and business representatives and move about the online space, accessing rooms for live talks, or jumping in to sessions with Generation Success coaches as they wish.
Generation Success founder, James Adeleke explains: “A whole generation of people are leaving education or looking for work at one of the most uncertain times in history. They are struggling with next-level anxiety about the prospects of any career in the midst of COVID 19. This is only made worse if their life so far has meant they are already on the back foot when it comes to education and starting a professional career. We cannot afford to lose focus on making UK businesses fairer, more equal and more diverse places to work. At Generation Success our pledge is to make sure these issues have a place amidst COVID recovery.”
The first of Generation Success’ City Career Conferences are:
3 June: Career City one-day conference
  • Speed mentoring with business leaders (with the opportunity to book longer sessions)
  • Coaching: including sessions focused on mental health issues resulting from COVID 19 and practical sessions around confidence, application and interview techniques and more
  • Keynote sessions by C-level speakers from business leaders
  • Informal networking ‘rooms’ which attendees can dip in to as they wish
  • Jobs and volunteering boards with options to apply
6th July: Career City week-long conference
Similar format to the one-day conference, with individual days focusing on key sectors:
  • Monday 6th July: Banking and finance
  • Tuesday 7th July: Consulting
  • Wednesday 8th Technology
  • Thursday 9th: Law
  • Friday 10th: Creative industries
Visit www.generation-success.com for more information on schedules and speakers, or to sign up.
 Notes to Editors
For more information, images, speaker bios or interview opportunities please contact:
Hayley Buery, hayleybuery@oneoftheabove.co, 07545178006
About Generation Success
Generation Success is a not-for-profit organisation that advances social mobility by empowering people of diversity to reach their career aspirations. Founded with the conviction that your career should not be defined by your birth, Generation Success is helping businesses wake up to the promise of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and build a fairer future for generations to come.
James Adeleke, founder, Generation Success
James Adeleke founded Generation Success after witnessing the struggle that many of his contemporaries in law school faced in their careers, due to social or economic background. These were compounded by the 2015 London riots where James recognised the frustration and disillusionment of young people struggling to find their place, not coming from the ‘right’ background or having the ‘right’ connections. He has been involved in a number of projects centred around enterprise and employability and was invited to speak at parliament and city hall on social mobility, diversity and employability.
He is passionate about creating a world where we all have equal access and equal opportunities to achieving our career aspirations. James has formed a first class advisory board and management team to help him achieve his mission.