Women on the Board: How to Advance to a Position of Influence

A chance to learn from some of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and professionals.

On the 8th March 2017, Generation Success welcomes you to “Women on the Board: How to advance to a Position of Influence.” Inspired by and sharing the date with International Women’s Day, this event will commend the professional achievements of leading business women and teach today’s young females that their gender does not define or limit their potential.

International Women’s Day is an annual celebration, which has surpassed its centenary anniversary. For over 100 years, citizens all around the world have celebrated the achievements of our predecessors who fought to enhance the status of women professionally, socially and domestically. Moreover, International Women’s Day serves as motivation to continue the fight for absolute equality.

In contemporary first world societies, the issue of gender equality masquerades itself as a resolved issue. Within the professional sphere however, this is certainly not the case! The FTSE 2016 demonstrates that for the first time in half a decade, the number of women in leading positions has waned. “Women on the Board: How to advance to a Position of Influence” will specialise in educating females from different backgrounds on how to increase this stagnating figure, and rise to leadership positions within their chosen fields.

Generation Success welcomes to the podium five successful female professionals to reveal their inspirational stories. Each masters in different fields, they all share the same relentless determination and enthusiasm, which allowed them to build very successful careers. Heidy Rehman, founder of Rose and Willard, Jenny Garrett, award winning coach and author of Rocking Your Role, Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway, Ursula Henry, Head of Membership and Funding at the Banking Standards Board (BSB) and Mavis Amankwah, a Diversity and Inclusion expert and award winning entrepreneur at Richvisions will each share their inspirational stories with our audience. These efficacious characters will showcase that women possess the creativity and capability to become successful and influential business figures.

Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway, the app which provides a platform for individuals to give and receive advice about work-life challenges believes, “we should stop focusing on our differences and build on what we have in common. True innovation comes from inclusion.” This event will demonstrate that women as a social group are not alone; but are supported by networks that are dedicated to making their dream a reality.

By, Xanthia Adamou
PR Manager

Event Venue Address: Eversheds 1 Wood Street, EC2V 7WS

“GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special”

A chance to learn from some of the UK’s leading technological experts!

On the 20th June 2017, Generation Success is thrilled to invite guests to attend “GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special” hosted by Hill and Knowlton Strategies. Inspired by London tech week, Generation Success’ networking event will celebrate some of the UK’s leading tech talents, and provide today’s aspiring youths with guidance on how to launch efficacious careers within this sector.


The technology industry is by trade highly creative, dynamic and above all, diverse. The world of technology is all encompassing and far reaching as companies are constantly producing innovative and pioneering creations to support various aspects of our lives. A recent report quantified that since 2011, the UK has enticed £28billion in investment, an astounding figure when compared to fellow European nations including Germany and France, both of whom attracted less than half of the UK’s figure. The technology sector is as Theresa May astutely described it, “a great British success story.”


The demanding and high profile nature of this environment within the UK can install sentiments of subordination and dissuasion amongst individuals who derive from less privileged backgrounds. As a consequence of this, the technology sector suffers with a severe lack of diversity and difference. Traci Doane, President of JLL Technology Solutions spoke directly about this issue claiming that the lack of employees from under-represented backgrounds “is an industry problem, and ignoring it cuts a company off from a large pool of untapped talent and opportunities to improve your business. “GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special” will focus upon targeting today’s “untapped talent” and motivate and empower them to believe in their capabilities and pursue their career aspirations.


Generation Success is pleased to welcome 5 technological experts to the podium. Each masters in their individual fields, our speakers are united in their unalterable passion and drive, which provided them with the strength and motivation to develop incredibly fruitful careers within this beguiling industry. Catherine Isichel, Director Internal Communications EMEA and AON, Naheed Afzal, Co-Founder and Director, Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting, Tom Loeffort, UK HR Director, SAP, Anastasia Petrova, Global Programmes Director and a member of D&I Task Force, Pitney Bowes and Jack Parsons, CEO @yourfeed will each share their emboldening success stories.  Our speakers will educate youths from different backgrounds on the necessary skills needed to thrive within this industry, and develop fertile careers.


When asked about the motivations behind speaking at “GS Power Series: London Technology Week Special,” Jack Parsons claimed “Generation Success is a purposeful incentive that is making a difference when it comes to up skilling, motivating and inspiring young people and the events that they host do just that.” Parsons shrewdly captures the nature and focus of Generation Success as a movement, as our goal is to inspire our audiences with the accomplishments of today’s leading business figures and help them to exceed their personal aspirations.


By, Xanthia Adamou

Public Relation

GS Power Series: Banking and Financial Industries

A chance to learn from some of the UK’s greatest Banking and Financial Experts!

On the 4th April 2017, Generation Success welcomes guests to “GS Power Series: Banking and Financial Industries” which will be held in HSBC’s international headquarters. This event will commend the remarkable professional accomplishments of some of the UK’s leading financial experts, and educate today’s aspiring youths on how to establish successful careers within this beguiling industry.

The lucrative and fast-paced nature of the banking and financial industry in the UK has captivated the hearts of many ambitious individuals in contemporary society. The ‘Global Financial Centres Index’ published in September 2016 concluded that London maintains its prominence as the leading global financial district. With at least 50% of the worlds biggest financial firms choosing to situate their European headquarters in our capital, the UK’s flourishing banking and finance industry employs over 1 million people.

The highly demanding and harshly competitive nature of this environment can install sentiments of inferiority and discouragement amongst individuals who derive from less privileged backgrounds. “GS Power Series: Banking and Financial Industries” will dispel the stereotype that only a minority of the population possesses the capabilities to succeed within this industry. This seminar will educate youths from different backgrounds on skills needed to succeed and rise to leadership positions within this field.

Generation Success is thrilled to welcome five successful banking and financial experts to the podium. Each masters in their individual fields, our speakers all share the same inexorable passion and determination, which allowed them to establish incredibly successful careers. Jeremy Adam, Head of MM/SME Business Development and FIC Solutions at Lloyds bank, Jagdeep Rai, Head of Corporate Banking, Heathrow and South-West London at Barclays, Stacy Pollard, Executive Director at J.P Morgan, Jason Evans, Head of Regional and Financial Institution Sales at Invesco Asset Management Ltd and Debra White, a Retail and Commercial Banker at HSBC will each share their empowering and motivational success stories. Detailing the knowledge and skillset which allowed them to succeed in their roles, our speakers will encourage our audience to relentlessly follow their passion and ensure that they too achieve their goals.

Debra White claims, “When looking at career progress look at the skills you have and not what you do not have, it is a positive attitude that will make the difference.” Debra fantastically captures the nature and focus of “GS Power Series: Banking and Financial Industries” as this event will inspire our audience to be proud of who they are and showcase the skills which make them a valuable asset within the banking and financial industry.


 By, Xanthia Adamou
Public Relation

Event Venue Address: HSBC, 8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HQ


Press Release: Law

Located in Latham and Watkins’ Liverpool Street offices, Generation Success hosted “GS Power Series: Law- Career Stories and Lessons from Senior Legal Professionals.” This formidable and energizing seminar provided today’s aspiring legal professionals with the incredible opportunity to gain the support and guidance to pursue their career aspirations.


Generation Success is honored to have had Karen Kerrigan, Chief Legal Officer at Seedrs, David Neita, a lawyer and motivational speaker, Funke Abimbola General Counsel and Head of Financial Compliance at Roche and Segun Osuntokun, Partner at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP take to the podium to reveal their honest and inspirational career stories. Our audiences, evidently inspired by our speakers were seen passionately noting down the wide-ranging advice given by our experts. Our audience was incessantly reminded of the importance of connections and building a strong network within your profession, which would not only open up new doors, but also allow you to enjoy your career and reach your full potential. In addition, our attendees were relentlessly motivated to follow THEIR dreams as opposed to following the career trajectory that is bestowed upon you by others. It is only when your true passion and desires are being fed that real achievements and success takes place.


David Neita delivered an incessantly humorous and original speech as he used the story of Kane and Able to demonstrate the practicalities of working within the legal world. He unremittingly reminded our audience “when you are passionate about something you can’t help but do it.” Funke Abimbola echoed this sentiment as she recounted her bravery and determination to study law motivated her to break away from the family expectation to study law.


During the event, everyone was encouraged to mingle and take a selfie with another audience member. This activity reminded our attendees that they are not alone, but rather are surrounded by fellow peers and mentors who want to help them succeed.


Generation Success would like to thank all the speakers and attendees who attended our event and we look forward to seeing you all again.


By Xanthia Adamou



Contact- James Adeleke- 07883028755

Mandela Day 2017 welcomes Founder and CEO of Generation Success James Adeleke

Global history serves as concrete affirmation that human nature is intrinsically fuelled by rage, jealousy and greed. As a direct consequence of such ill-fated motivations, societies all around the world have unjustly suffered at the hands of violence, discrimination and racial prejudice. It is incredibly easy for us to focus solely upon the negatives that encompass our world and negate any notions of positivity, but for the sake of a better tomorrow it is crucial to appreciate that the mist of darkness and disparity that has been created by some, has built a platform upon which the true heroes and martyrs are able to stand. Mandela Day, the annual celebration hosted on the 18th July dedicates itself towards this! The day celebrates the bravery, strength and devotion of Nelson Mandela; a man who selflessly dedicated his life towards fighting to end racial discrimination in South Africa, a man who became a global advocate for human rights and a man whose legacy will forever live on. Mandela day teaches contemporary society that we all have the capability and responsibility to better our world and enact real change.

Mandela Day will be celebrated in Parliament on the 18th July through a public presentation hosted by LEAD4HOPE. LEAD4HOPE is a project, which has been created to help augment the social interaction and engagement of young people living within the United Kingdom. The event will feature speeches from some of the leading figures in the UK who have dedicated themselves towards helping improve our society and enact equality and social cohesion. It is a huge honour and privilege for James Adeleke, founder and CEO of Generation Success to take to the podium in Parliament to reveal his personal success story and what motivated and inspired the creation of Generation Success.

Generation Success is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated towards ensuring that young professionals from less privileged backgrounds are granted equality in the recruitment process. Generation Success motivates young graduates to pursue their career aspirations through orchestrating network events with leading industry experts, who offer their invaluable knowledge and guidance. The foundations and underpinnings upon which Generation Success now proudly stands can be found in the debris of the 2011 London Riots. James, a law student at BPP University at the time proudly speaks of how these ruinous riots, and the tabloids ceaseless labeling of today’s youths being a “lost generation” inspired him to make a change and create exciting opportunities to save today’s youths. James wants the tabloids to name today’s youths as ‘The Generation of Success’ and his incredible passion, determination and heart have seen Generation Success grow from strength to strength.

James’ infamous statement “your birth does not determine your career” beautifully captures the core mission of Generation Success! To provide the platform for individuals from all backgrounds to strive towards achieving their professional aspirations! James relocated from Nigeria at the age of Five, he lived in a single parent household in an estate where many families were of a similar build. After a knee injury crushed his dreams of being a professional footballer, James could have given up, he could have used his story as a reason to capitulate and give into the hardships of life. Instead, James put his heart and soul into creating a better world and his fight is far from over! In celebration of Mandela Day, James will proudly stand upon Parliament’s platform and reveal his personal success story and about why Generation Success is just what our world needs.



Xanthia Adamou


Venue: Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Bridge Street, Westminster, London SW1A 2LW


James Adeleke

Email: James@generation-success.com

Telephone Number: 07883028775


A success to talk about

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Generation Success Summer Party

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 18.23.38

The date, July 20th 2016. The venue, Mahiki London. The event, Generation Success Summer Party. On this particular summer evening, Generation Success and guests were transported to paradise. Surrounded by tropical and Polynesian decor, with vibrant, theatrical and delicious drinks in hand and Honolulu flowers galore. It was the perfect setting to thank the speakers, stakeholders and volunteers, that have contributed to the achievements and growth of Generation Success since its conception in 2013.


Generation Success is a non profit organization, which strive to provide young people with opportunities to build their specialized skills, partake in workshops and network with motivated and inspiring professionals of their aspired field. Generation Success is the platform bridging the gap for young people between education and employment and entrepreneurialism. The work they have accomplished would not be possible without the integral involvement of the numerous speakers, volunteers and stakeholders over the years.


Founder James Adeleke delivered a powerful presentation, with the key message, “We are the next generation and we must come up with our own solutions. Just because this is the way things have been done, does not mean that it should be the way it is done.” His compassion and commitment to this enterprise could be understood through his speech, enthusing the audience and myself to emulate this passion. Adeleke identified the accomplishments so far of Generation Success, but what was just as exciting was hearing the future prospects and plans. Further talks and networking events will be held along with the GSPowerSeries. These programs include networking dinners, which connect aspiring youth with leading industry professionals. The university challenge program, workshops which focus on developing a youth’s employability and the mentoring program providing the skills to kick start young adult’s new careers.

Summer Party-2

His words during this event and previous Generation Success events have impacted me greatly and it was wonderful to see and feel the same enthusiasm from the rest of the guests. What more, a fantastic video, comprising of testimonials from previous attendees was shown, validating the success and impact of the company.

With a joyful buzz in the air, wacky cocktails in hand and good-humored conversation, it was only fitting for us to show our appreciation and gratitude to our committed speakers and volunteers attending, by holding a raffle. Some great prizes were up for grabs, provided by our dedicated sponsors. First prize an hour’s photography session with Sam Lane Photography, worth £150, second prize a signed copy of Business Evolution by Janice B Gordon, third prize a crate of craft L’Atypique cider and the final prize a fine bottle of wine.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 18.23.24

1st Prize Winner David Smith

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 18.23.07

2nd Prize Winner Maria Fernandes

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 17.39.03

3rd Prize Winner Carol Stewart

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 18.22.22

4th Prize Winner Sophia Moulti

It was a fantastic evening, which GS members and speakers clearly enjoyed. The first of its kind, but hopefully not the last.

With special thanks to our guests and to Mahiki London for sponsoring and hosting the event.

Written by Aashfaria Anwar