Making Imposter Syndrome Your Superpower

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Self-doubt is unavoidable, but how do you face adversity in situations where you simply don’t feel like what you have to offer is enough?


Some let this sensation overcome them, and get lost in inadequacy… But isn’t there more to be done? We’ve been thinking about this topic for a while, and we’d like to put you on the right path to use this so-called setback to your advantage.


Use Imposter Syndrome to Become the Best.


  • Savour in working harder than anyone else.
    You’re done with all of your work… But are you, really? If you’ve dealt with imposter syndrome in the past, you probably know better. While this can be straining, it also makes sure you keep yourself to the highest possible standard. Depending on your starting point, you might assume that everyone keeps themself to this standard. The secret is…. They don’t. You’ve got a secret weapon, and that is the urge to go the extra mile. Your doubt in your skills will push you to achieve maximum results by hyper-focusing.
  • Never, ever stop learning.
    Even though lacking trust in yourself sounds like a negative – in terms of perfecting your craft, it’s the master key. You spend your time double- and triple-checking, where others would lock up shop and call it a day. You find the most relevant information available and measure out the odds and ends to make sure everything fits perfectly. You dive into knowledge with an open mind, ready to accept what you didn’t know already. These traits lead to real expertise. You can’t fake that.
  • Constantly asking for feedback.
    Don’t let yourself feel like a burden for wanting to make sure you’re on the right track. Asking time and time again for clarity and confirmation makes you an attractive employee in the long run – because it can’t go on forever. Build your confidence and fuel your passion for your work by harnessing the knowledge of others. Don’t allow your doubt to overwhelm you. Embrace your uncertainties and make them work for you, instead of against you.
  • Stay humble, aware, and ready to grow.
    Your self-awareness makes you special. Knowing how to recognize your weak points means you can actively work on correcting them. Self-reflection and understanding build your professional skill set up to become well-rounded and reliable in the workplace, no matter the challenge.
  • Strong inspirations lead to strong implications.

Your uncertainty inspires you to aim higher, fight harder, and find mentors and role models to look up to. Trusting the process and finding your path to growth sets you apart from the crowd, and having the receptivity to recognize what you need in others makes your potential for growth endless.


The next time you feel like you’re doubting yourself, utilise that energy to reflect and recognise that that self-doubt is the very tool paving your path. Get started on embracing the endless opportunities waiting for you at Generation Success by clicking here.


How to Know if it’s Time to Switch Careers

How to know its time to change careers banner

There’s a special type of existential dread reserved only for your career, and it is far from what we should be experiencing for 8 hours of our waking lives every day. Falling into this feeling can be simply disastrous. 


The process of career selection itself relies heavily on our understanding of our ambitions from our late teens. Picking a path so early on is bound to come with some self-doubt. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” becomes a life-altering question, and staying confident in your choice is a daunting task… All of this is normal, but at what point does it overstep the boundary; when should you really do something about it? 


This article will address how to recognise if it’s time to make those big moves and how to embrace that it’s totally normal to have second thoughts and evaluate whether you’re on the right track. Your lifelong career satisfaction might rely on it, after all. 


If you relate, now might be the time to visit Generation Success’s “Jobs & Internships” page to start pursuing your new calling.

How to Know if it’s Time to Switch Careers.

So, so tired. And sooo on edge! Feeling drained.

Being tired is a part of the human experience, but always barely being able to make yourself get up, get ready, and go is not. Feeling drained and exhausted is a symptom that calls for change. Do you feel like your negative emotions are spilling into the other aspects of your life? You might not feel like grabbing that coffee with your old friends anymore because you just need to rest. Or you might just not have the energy to go to the supermarket today. Don’t underestimate this signal, as it could mean that your underlying thoughts are struggling to keep it together. 


Pass or fail? Who even cares. Feeling indifferent about the outcome

No matter what your job may be, it’s critical that you feel like a part of the process. You need to understand the impact you made on creating results as they come around. If you can’t wrap your head around what you did to help the cogs in the machine turn, it’s not likely that you’re going to feel accomplished at any other point. If this goes on for a while, you might find yourself doubting why you’re there at all. Try alleviating this by visualising the actual outcomes of your work in the big picture.


No brownie points here. Relinquishing a sense of responsibility

If you’re feeling indifferent about the outcomes, you’re probably not going to invest yourself into taking your work. After all, what difference will it make? Not taking responsibility for your tasks or their results is symptomatic of losing your career identity. Stepping back and shrugging is not ideal, but also not always avoidable. If you’re feeling this uninterested, don’t run from that step back – you might want to reevaluate where that stems from.


You were made for more. Unfulfilled potential

Do you get bored often? Are your tasks repetitive and don’t feel like a challenge? You simply know you can do more than what you’re being asked to, but you’re not even motivated enough to point that out. Don’t fret – we know you were made for big things. If you don’t feel like they’re attainable now, trust the process and check back in a while.


Ultimately, you’ll know when your job just isn’t doing what it should for you anymore. The days of working for survival have passed, and for the sake of your wellbeing, take the steps necessary to find a healthy and satisfying work environment. Even if it’s not a quick transition, set your goals and push yourself toward prosperity, one step at a time. Generation Success offers loads of resources to support this.

Accolite Supporting Women in STEM

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The modern-day workforce faces a difficult truth when peering into the statistics of STEM. Despite longstanding actions to create equality across industries, positions in STEM have remained in the rubble when it comes to employing women. Although 52% of the college-educated workforce is female, only 29% hold positions in STEM, with the fewest being in tech roles.

Furthermore, the vast majority of these women are white, comprising 23.3% of the 38.9% of undergraduate degrees in STEM received by women (Singh, 2020).

But where does this inequality stem from?

The lack of female representation is a well-known fact, and we can trace it back to a multitude of factors present in primary school education and onward. It is clear that girls in school are overall harder on themselves, giving worse results on self-assessments compared to boys. As if this wasn’t enough, teachers also grade female students to a higher standard than male students, substantiating the pressure put on girls to produce higher results for the same outcomes (Cimplan et al., 2016). In general, girls are twice as likely to develop and struggle with anxiety (Jalnapurkar et al., n.d., #). This seems to align with the higher workloads and expectations of them from a young age. Some information shows that up to three-quarters of female students show interest in STEM during middle school, but interest severely dwindles as they progress to high school. Sources suggest that both the learning environment and social pressures deter interest in STEM subjects (Grace, n.d.).


What can we do?


An active issue corroborating the STEM Gap is a lack of role models to present the brilliant women in the industries. 


Accolite Digital is currently making moves to shift this, actively aiming to empower female applicants in their technocentric roles. Their current initiative, backed by Generation Success, is offering nearly 20 full-time positions via their Graduate Programme in Software Development. 


We invite young female candidates, who have graduated or are to graduate between 2020 and 2022, to register for this programme and kick off their STEM career working for Fortune 100 clients. Bridge the gap, and fight for the representation of women in the tech industry by example.

Generation Success Hosts Virtual Career Conference Like No Other!  

Making it In the City Careers Conference

Our annual Making It In The City Careers Conference with will be taking place today. This careers conference is the brainchild of James Adeleke, the director and founder of Generation Success. Our organisation is a social enterprise inspired by the devastating effects of the London Riots and works towards enabling peoples of underrepresented backgrounds, such as those from black, Asian, minority ethnic and low-income groups, to acquire enhanced employment opportunities and resources.

This year the conference will offer a virtual experience like no other, allowing employers from top 100 companies such as Deloitte, PwC, SAP and BT to attend host virtual booth stands and attend via virtual avatars. This year promises to be even more exciting as additional representatives from SSE, Barclays and MoneyBox, will be in attendance and providing key learnings in our panel sessions.


Making in the City Participating Employers



The conference is designed to allow young people, students, graduates and young professionals to gain access to opportunities within the aforementioned dream 100 companies. Upwards of 20 employers, 5 industry panels composed of those in the technology, legal, consulting, banking and entrepreneurship industry as well as one to one dialogues with HR managers are just some of the features of the conference. There will be an abundance of employers looking to bring in diverse talent to their companies which provides our audience the chance of a lifetime to build vital industry connections and to gain pivotal insights into the internal mechanics of life inside some of these corporate giants. The outreach and marketing teams at GS have been actively communicating with student societies to share our marketing material on their platforms. There has been a multitude of successes found with City University of London, BPP Law School and Brunel University to name a few.

Our careers event exists as the perfect metaphor for the slow but sustained change Generation Success’ efforts have slowly evoked. As recently as last week, GS and Paul Hastings LLP launched our collaborative community engagement programme.

Over the past 60 years Paul Hastings has established itself as one of the world’s leading law firms and a leader in global diversity by creating an environment that fosters engagement, inclusion, and belonging.Part of their approach towards corporate social resposibility and sustainabilty includes collaborate with clients and the industry on innovative diversity and inclusion programming. The programme launch was held at the Paul Hastings London offce hosted by Mr Arun Birla, the chair of the London office of Paul Hastings, vice-chair of the global Tax practice and nominated as “Diversity Champion” by the UK Diversity Legal Awards 2019. The GS team were delighted with how enthusiastic the volunteers were about making a positive impact in the community. They would be doing so by mentoring and contributing towards the continued success of our success seekers. We are glad to be working alongside a firm that harnesses the insights of diversity to produce the highest possible results.

On the subject of the upcoming conference, James Adeleke had this to say;

“It gives me great pleasure to announce our Making It In the City Career Conference is available to everyone. We have created this seminar to allow young people to network and sign up to internal offerings within these companies. Each subsequent year, we are seeing more and more young people sign up to our conferences. It also fills me with pleasure to see increasing numbers of employers wanting to join as speakers and do their part in creating equal access and opportunities for all.

The Making It In The City Careers Conference is just one of numerous other offerings that Generation Success will be hosting. Further events can be found in the form of an Investment Banking seminar as well as a hackathon with SAP. For more information regarding the work our organisation does, in addition to future events, we kindly invite you to browse our website. If you or anyone would like to experience our mentoring programmes please feel free to become part of our GS community.



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Generation Success Goes German

German corporate leviathan SAP, a global collective occupying the software space industry, is proud to announce an investment opportunity within the UK market. This move comes as a desire to grow its pool of clients and such a decision will undoubtedly consolidate its occupation as a pivotal distributor of both cloud based solutions as well as services to aid UK based organisations run more efficiently. The company plans to funnel upwards of £250m into its UK operations. 


SAP is proud to unveil its new software appropriately called SAP UK Data Cloud which serves as a water tight British cloud technology. Further moves can be found in SAP’s ambition to establish two new offices in London, at 52 Lime Street colloquially known as the Scalpel, and another in Manchester. Secondary moves will see SAP enhance its employment opportunities through acquiring new blood via its internship schemes. There is an expectation of 250. Whilst an exact figure pertaining to the number of new positions that will be created, managing director Michiel Verhoeven said it would be in the hundreds. Generation Success will be heavily involved in this endeavor continuing supply the very finest talent to SAP’s profound  attainment of the software industry. 


With this new product held firmly in SAP’s retention, the German goliath will be able to provide cloud solutions and services using hyperscale infrastructure at UK data centres. It is becoming increasingly commonplace for industries to turn to cloud storage that makes it their top priority to ensure all data is managed and stored correctly. Nowhere is the need for this more apparent than in the public sector. 


SAP as it exists today, started off as a very different company and over the course of five decades has expanded, enjoying a successful business culture and garnering continued success and attainment in the technology industry. Whilst almost impossible to conceive, factoring in its continued growth as a financial powerhouse, the inception of SAP saw it begin as replacing old punch card machines with electronic systems. From this noble genesis, SAP has evolved to yield numerous impressive accolades such as becoming a global superpower supplying payroll technology married together with accounting programs. Moreover, the company has garnered £131b as a result of its dual marketing tools coupled with its human resources services.   


Today’s world is a truly contentious one with all matters on the political spectrum rising from the nether region. From Biden’s America to the Covid crisis and the climate change catastrophe it seems that there’s always one more entity to escape Pandora’s box.  On our own soil, we not only have Johnson’s cabinet shenanigans to contend with but also the tumultuous territory of Brexit to navigate. A promising agreement via the European Council has ensured that despite Britain’s insistence upon departing the EU, data is still able to travel to and from the UK to the rest of Europe with both pin point accuracy and ease. Furthermore, in spite of the mere mention of the frosty term ‘Brexit’, Verhoeven has guaranteed that Anglo Germanic relations would remain as potent as possible as the UK’s market for SAP would enable it to produce upwards of £20b regardless of the Brexit quagmire. 


The aforementioned predicament with Covid has resulted in a renaissance regarding working life, among other areas. Nowhere is this footprint on the pages of history more visible than in the working habits of city dwellers. Pre Covid, (I coined that first, you all heard me correctly) the city workers were packed into offices like silver spoons, regailing their peers with tedious anecdotes around the watering hole of the vending machines. Mirroring the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, Covid arrived and brought this to a close.  


Whilst the trend of working from home continues to gain traction, Verhoeven added, “We still want an office culture to take charge over our employees working from home. Whilst we can appreciate the current climate of fear surrounding Covid, SAP remains adamant that a healthy office environment is the key to our employees remaining productive. 


More on SAP and Generation Success:> https://news.sap.com/uk/2021/07/sap-announces-e1-4-billion-investment-in-the-uk-over-the-next-five-years/



Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day- IWD 2021 #ChoosetoChallenge

International Womens Day Special Banner

International Womens Day 2021- #choosetochallenge

What is international women’s day? International Women’s day is a global holiday which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This all started when in 1908 women in New York City went out onto the streets demanding the right vote, shorter working hours and better pay. This is then celebrated every year on the 8th March, this year’s theme is Women in Leadership – Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World. Throughout COVID-19 women and girls have been affected greatly and the pandemic has just highlighted the inequalities women face on a day to day basis. It is important that women’s voices are heard and are able to contribute to the global recovery. Unfortunately even in today’s society there is a lack of female presence in leadership roles which is what we’re trying to change every single day. 


International women’s day is just as important as it was in 1908 if not more as we are still not at the point of where we should be with women’s equality. Though we have made some progress, with women being able to vote and gaining higher positions in job roles. Sadly this has taken many years to accomplish and it has not always been smooth sailing, there have been some setbacks, still women struggle to get jobs due to their gender and also struggle to move up in their fields of work. International women’s day is a reminder to everyone that women won’t stop until they’re seen as equals and their voices will be heard. This year we are focusing on #ChooseToChallenge which is highlighting the challenges women face 


If you are wanting to show your support for International women’s day you can do this by attending our virtual event (https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/generation-success-2966421607) where you will be able hear from a panel of leading business figures, discover how they became successful and you will also get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have for them. Are men invited? Of course everyone is welcome no matter gender, ethnicity or class. Another way in which you can get involved is by getting educated all about why we have international women’s day and just how important it is. You can also educate your friends and family members too, making sure as many people are on board as possible. Also if you are in a position to do so you could donate to a feminist charity who are working their hardest to help women gain the equality they deserve. 

GS Womens Special 2021: Meet the Speakers

GS Womens Day Special Speakers

Generation Success Women’s Special 2021

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021 we have come up with a unique an exciting opportunity to learn, network and get mentored by leading women professionals from a number of different industries. The event will be built around the IWD2020 theme of #ChallengetoChange.

Now we are proud to announce and shine a light on the women who will be speaking and mentoring at the event.

Click Here to Book Your Free Ticket for the Event


Laura Trendall Morrison, Principal Consultant and Managing Director at The GameChanger Consultancy

Laura is highly sought after, and hired by international companies, to consult and coach at board level, in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and US – Laura blends a unique set of experience from commercial and high-growth technology business, through to Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, and is well-known globally for helping business leaders activate new ways of solving business and social challenges.

If you want to transform your business results through sound business practice, backed by real-life experience, Laura is the speaker and consultant you are looking for, to ensure your organisation achieves optimal results.

Having managed portfolios exceeding £100M per annum, successes include risk avoidance of over £10M in one deal, and programmes to reduce costs in excess £5M In a short term programme – experience that you need on your side when facing a business challenge.


Cerys Furlong, CEO of Chwarae Teg (Charity leading gender equality)

Cerys Furlong is Chief Executive of Chwarae Teg Wales’s leading economic development agency  for women and charity that campaigns for gender equality.

Prior to joining Chwarae Teg, Cerys was Director for Wales at Learning and Work Institute and has over ten years’ experience working in the education and skills sector. Cerys is also a Governor of Fitzalan High School and Board Member of Chapter Arts Centre. In 2018 Cerys was appointed to the Cardiff City Region Economic Development Board, which oversees the proposals submitted to the city region and advising the joint Cabinet. In addition, with her business partners Cerys has set up a number of successful businesses and runs a small group of pubs and restaurants in Cardiff including currently The Lansdowne and The Grange pubs in Cardiff and Milkwood restaurant in Pontcanna. Cerys was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of Cardiff University in 2017 for her services to gender equality. Cerys lives in Cardiff with her husband Tom and two daughters.

Sophia Aluko, COO D&I Ethnicity Lead at Barclays

Sophia Aluko is an award winning business leader and is the Head of Service Management within the Transitions Management Office at Barclays, where she helps Barclays manage the separation from its operations in Africa and Europe covering 14countries.She has held senior roles in several sectors including beverage, technology and banking.

Throughout her career, she has been drawn to organisations undergoing transformation and change. And as a result she has gained extensive experience having held senior roles on transformation programmes including Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestments and Digital Transformation.

In addition to her day job, Sophia is passionate about empowering others to unlock their career potential. She is the founder of The Steer Network, a non-profit and mentoring initiative, set up to unlock the career potentials of individuals from diverse backgrounds. She is also a board Trustee at Global Funds for Women UK; a nonprofit that seeks to create a more gender balanced world. Sophia is a qualified chartered accountant and has an MBA from Imperial College, London.

She is a finalist of the 2019 BBB Awards, Senior Leader category in Finance and the 2019 Precious awards, Outstanding Woman in Banking and Finance.


Lin Yue, Executive Director at Goldman Sachs

Lin Yue is an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs Asset Management in London. She is  responsible for growing and managing key relationships across UK institutional investors.

As one of the senior executives of mainland Chinese origin in the City of London, she has helped elevate women and ethnic minorities in the workplace. She inspired professionals to challenge stereotypes, and to strive for success as their authentic self. She is a thought leader on Diversity & Inclusion, workplace cultures, and decoding differences between China and the West – her insights and speeches are widely sought for their unique perspectives, originality and passion.

Lin has been honoured on many occasions for her work. She was recognised on the HERoes 100 Women Future Leaders List in 2020, as a top 5 Future Leaders for HERoes Women Role Model , on Brummell’s list as one of the 50 most inspirational women in the City of London, one of the 50 Ethnic Minority Future Leaders by EMpower, and the winner of the “Excellence in Banking” award at the Chinese Business Leaders Awards.

A graduate of Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, Lin is also passionate about applying psychology in the workplace and beyond and making life skills accessible to all.

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Generation Success STEM Fair 2021

STEM Fair 2021

Generation Success STEM Fair 2021

Yesterday, we had our first event of the year. The STEM Fair not only showcased various career paths within the industry but provided networking opportunities with esteemed professional operating within it.

Each speaker provided valuables tips and insight, especially on how to make it in STEM, but the key takeaway was crystal clear – be proactive.

There are multiple ways to success, and there sure will be failures. But as long as we continue trying, success awaits. Thus, we are proud to be showcasing these success stories.

We would like to thank our speakers and mentors (Saroj, Tara, Mag and Harvinder) for supporting us, for sharing their experiences, success stories but more importantly their struggles. Your stories truly inspire us, and we are hoping we pass on the inspiration through our initiatives.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, and to the GS team, for providing the platform for such exchange. We are hoping to keep on inspiring and empowering. Stay tuned for more.


Please check out our more events:> Click Here

If you want to be involved with Generation Success:> Become an Equality Champion

Want to watch our Talks on Demand: Check out our Youtube Channel

Routes into STEM by Rob McCargow

Routes into the STEM Industry

Routes into STEM by Rob McCargow

From:Rob McCargow- Director of AI at PWC

STEM careers cut across everything that we are doing in society and for that reason, is what makes the field so amazing.

The ability to make sense out of the huge amounts of data coming out of technology and using that to improve the world, helps us to create new systems, medications and improves education for all in society.

However, there are challenges that comes with this privilege, finding a career can be a difficult. Its an overwhelmingly white and male field, probably eighty five per cent people, and that particular issue with that, with they are above beyond the fact that you’ve got to have more equitable access to the right talent.

The most practical ways that this can be improved is by diversifying the intake of who is working in the field so that solutions can be provided that benefits all parts of society.

But in summary, there are quite a few who say it doesn’t necessarily necessarily have to be about being a Ph.D. in data science, an amazing WISL mathematics, hard core software engineer. There is a remarkable number of ways of getting into this huge growth area a sector that is going survive even in a pandemic. You may come into the sector from different angles which may prove to be very useful.

Celebrate your failures, take risks, grow, do something every week that makes you scared and focus on your passions.

Think about that moment in the morning when you wake up. Am I leaping up and grabbing this day by the scruff of its neck, or am I dreading the day? It’s the latter. Do something about it.


Learn more about the STEM industry by Registering for Generation Success STEM Fair 2020

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5 tips on how to have a successful career | Sophia Aluko

5 tips on how to have a successful career

Lets talk about the 5 steps to have a successful career…

You may ask yourself, how do I break into an industry I don’t have much exposure to? How do I succeed with a new job? How do I do things differently?

Well here is the first step.

You will need to develop a growth mindset, meaning there is a tendency to take always have control and that can never be the case especially for what happens in our external environment.

A growth mindset isn’t about having a positive mindset, although it is very crucial, it is about cultivating a mindset and how  one adapts to chances, bouncing back from setbacks, learning and growing as a results.

Now more than ever, at this crucial time in the world, having a good mindset is important. Having said that, it is not easy to develop a growth mindset, as everyone has a fixed mindset. Facing challenges, receiving criticisms may encourage encourage the person to feel insecure or even defensive.

In order have this growth mindset, you must be able to embrace failure and see it as a learning opportunity and also understand no one is an overnight success. Another challenge would also be to seek out opportunities for yourself to further yourself in career opportunities.


Another tip would be

to discover your unique selling point. If you don’t know, try and self reflect on your core skills, what your strengths are and what you do really well.

This will be extremely important as jobs that exist today or even yesterday have disappeared due to the pandemic. Recognizing that you will need to be able identify and articulate what your transferable skills to be able to position yourself for a new role.


The third tip

will be about building quality relationships with people that can support you, empower you and teach you to help you achieve your career goals. At any point in your career you will face challenges and will need support and insight from people that can help you navigate it.

This could be mentors, people that have the experience, knowledge and are willing to support you achieve your career goals. There also sponsors that can open doors for you, offer assignments, promotions. Although relationships are the bare minimum for your careers, these relationships can make a big difference in your career.

The fourth tip would be to step outside your comfort zone. If you want to grow, you have to step out your comfort zone. Of course, you might feel nervous, you might feel uncertain. But if you really want to grow, if you want to have a good career, a career that you want and are proud of, stepping outside your comfort zone is an important step.


to have a successful career would not to be afraid to pivot, but take a different direction or different complete the current career path. Remember to take control over your career.

You are the CEO of your career and no one else.


To here more about STEM and How to get into the Stem industry Join us on the 4th of Feb for

Generation Success STEM Fair, Click Here