Making it in the law industry is an uphill battle, but pursuing your passion to make a better tomorrow can override even the most difficult of challenges. This competitive industry sees over 20 thousand graduates annually, making for some serious rivalry in grabbing hold of positions as they appear.

Despite this, choosing law as your career path has numerous benefits that can impact not only yourself, but your community, country, and, if you’re lucky – the world.

Let’s dive into some of the most inspiring reasons to choose a career in law, or inspire you to keep powering through the hurdles if you’re already on your way.

You know you’re working toward a cause.
By pursuing your law degree, you can craft your own storyline and fight for what you think matters most effectively. You get to choose what really speaks to your heart and pursue sustainable change in that sphere, and watch your work take on a life of its own when the ball gets rolling.

It’s dignified.
Lawyers are esteemed as peace-makers and problem-solvers. When a problem occurs in any normal individual’s life, their first thought is to get backup from the law. Law practitioners get to play a serious role in fighting for justice through their work, and guiding individuals to get what they deserve.

You won’t get stuck in one place.
As a law practitioner, your future path completely in your hands. You can choose what branch of law to practice, get good, and then switch it up when it gets to be too much, or you find yourself curious about other options. The possibilities border with infinite, and it’s up to you to figure out where you see yourself.

You’re constantly learning.
The law can be observed as a living being, constantly shifting and evolving into something new alongside society. It creates the backbone for civilisation, and keeps up with the times to account for the fast-changing times. That means that you’re never going to have a dull day in the law industry!

All in all, choosing Law and sticking to it is a promising path to personal and professional actualisation, and we at Generation Success are thrilled to watch that happen. Join in on our upcoming events at Paul Hastings’s London office and experience the hustle and bustle of working at a law firm first-hand, all while getting to ask the real pros the real questions about the job.

Both events will take place consecutively on September 28th, 2022. Make the most out of this opportunity and register for both!

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