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Why do we celebrate International Women’s Day- IWD 2021 #ChoosetoChallenge

International Womens Day 2021- #choosetochallenge

What is international women’s day? International Women’s day is a global holiday which celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This all started when in 1908 women in New York City went out onto the streets demanding the right vote, shorter working hours and better pay. This is then celebrated every year on the 8th March, this year’s theme is Women in Leadership – Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World. Throughout COVID-19 women and girls have been affected greatly and the pandemic has just highlighted the inequalities women face on a day to day basis. It is important that women’s voices are heard and are able to contribute to the global recovery. Unfortunately even in today’s society there is a lack of female presence in leadership roles which is what we’re trying to change every single day. 


International women’s day is just as important as it was in 1908 if not more as we are still not at the point of where we should be with women’s equality. Though we have made some progress, with women being able to vote and gaining higher positions in job roles. Sadly this has taken many years to accomplish and it has not always been smooth sailing, there have been some setbacks, still women struggle to get jobs due to their gender and also struggle to move up in their fields of work. International women’s day is a reminder to everyone that women won’t stop until they’re seen as equals and their voices will be heard. This year we are focusing on #ChooseToChallenge which is highlighting the challenges women face 


If you are wanting to show your support for International women’s day you can do this by attending our virtual event ( where you will be able hear from a panel of leading business figures, discover how they became successful and you will also get an opportunity to ask any questions you may have for them. Are men invited? Of course everyone is welcome no matter gender, ethnicity or class. Another way in which you can get involved is by getting educated all about why we have international women’s day and just how important it is. You can also educate your friends and family members too, making sure as many people are on board as possible. Also if you are in a position to do so you could donate to a feminist charity who are working their hardest to help women gain the equality they deserve. 

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