Time is Your Ultimate Asset: How to Determine its Value

They say that time is money, but it doesn’t stop there. Instead, one could even say that time exceeds the value of money. 

This thought was originally by American entrepreneur, Jim Rohn. 

But it makes us beg the question – why?

  • You can affect the amount of money you earn.

In your prime, you can always earn your money back. You can also play a role in the amount of money you earn. Although there will be times when you earn less, you can count on things always taking a turn, on a change in the winds, and on things getting better. You’ll certainly be able to make it all up.


With time, however, you play no part in how much time we have left. It’s a fixed asset that whittles away at a continuous pace. It’s on you to decide how to make the best out of it. 

  • You can always make more out of a day off than out of a day’s pay.


No matter what your salary is, the memories you make during a day of doing what you love can only be enhanced by your paycheck. Not substituted by it. Without the time for self-improvement, money is futile and stagnant.

  • You can play a part in how much your time is worth

As the maker of your own decisions, you’re the only one that can influence the appreciation or depreciation of your time. It’s in your power to determine how you spend your time and impact its value.

  • You need time to spend money.

That’s the order – never vice versa. After all, what’s the point of having millions if you’re spending all your time earning those millions instead of enjoying the fruits of your labour?


How do you determine the value of your time?

Step one is to pinpoint how much you’d like to make in a year. 

Then divide that number by 12.

Then divide that number by the number of days you want to work in a month. 20 is a basic average for a 5-day work week.

By calculating that, we’ve gotten how much a day of your work is worth. Moving into your hours, though, we will assume you opt to work 8 hours a day. We then divide the previous number by 8.

And there you have it – that’s your goal for how much you’d like to make an hour.

As an aspiring success seeker, leave this number at the front of your mind. This will serve as your reminder when you make time allocation decisions.


Consider this empirical value for your goals when considering the people you spend time with, the things you do for yourself, and the places you like to go. Putting these things into context adds a new depth to your decision-making. 

To summarise, ever allow yourself to get lost in the process and forget the big picture. Stay focused, committed, and dedicated, and never lose clarity as to where you’re headed.

An option to consider is visual representations of your goals through vision boards, checklists, or journal entries. Understanding your vision, beliefs, and values crystallises your understanding of your goals. Keeping these pieces of your mission somewhere that you can revert back to every day allows you to affirm them in your head and heart.


Ultimately, what really makes a change in achieving goals is dedicating the time to achieving them. It is only when you start valuing your time, blocking out time to achieve those goals and setting up a support system that plays into keeping up with them, that you can take tangible action toward making them a reality.


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