Team Diversity: The Key to Success

Do team diversity and efficiency go hand-in-hand?
Diversity can be a powerful tool for team efficiency. For companies is essential to have different backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives on the task at hand in order to create an environment of creativity and innovation.

A diverse work environment also provides more opportunities for new ideas that might not exist in a homogenous group. We can all agree that it’s always better to have multiple viewpoints on any given topic or problem to increase innovation and creativity. Right?
There are many reasons why team diversity inside a company is so important – and one of them is that it can help boost efficiency and increase results. Many studies have shown that diversity leads to better problem-solving skills and more creativity. So if you want to make sure that your company stays competitive and attracts new talents you have to take a step forward toward team diversity.

It is also essential to understand that diversity is not about people who are not white and gender but about people with different needs. Certain demographic factors such as age or being an immigrant, being a caretaker for someone with cancer, or mental health challenges are examples of situations where employees may experience work differently, therefore may need more flexibility. Companies should understand that anyone can be in any of these situations, so addressing diversity is critical to ensure they can help their teams but also it’s a way to reap the benefits that their diverse team will offer.

Here are the three main benefits of why should your company consider team diversity:

Increased business results
Diversity brings economic results to the organization, helping it increase productivity and professional drive through an increase in communication and understanding. According to the Harvard Business Review, a team with a member who shares their client’s ethnicity is 152% more likely to understand the client. A multicultural team directly leads to higher client retention.

A rise in creativity and innovation
As we work to incorporate individuals of unique backgrounds into the organization, this increases the level of innovation. With a curated team of unique individuals, new ideas break forth, leading the business towards innovative solutions to complex problems. When these teams are presented with a challenge, they develop varied and inventive proposals due to their wide range of thoughts and experiences. A group with a variety of identities holds a myriad of opinions and is therefore more open to change and accepting of new ideas.

Attracting new talent/hires
Alongside innovative thoughts and original business game plans, an increase in inclusion leads to the growth of the company’s talent. When looking for new work, talents of minority groups often seek out organizations that value diversity, applying to openings in multicultural and gender-diverse offices. So increase in workplace diversity makes businesses more appealing to minority groups, leading to more diversity and talent in the workplace!

Having said that, it is time that companies start seeing diversity as an opportunity, and not as an obstacle. Companies may not have all the answers, but employees can propose long-term solutions that enable them to feel safe and collaborate more if leaders are open. Diversity will definitely pay off in the long term. If you think your company should start paying attention, attract a more diverse talent pool, and recruit top talent – contact us here – so we can sort the recruiting process out for you.

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