Routes into STEM by Rob McCargow

Routes into the STEM Industry

Routes into STEM by Rob McCargow

From:Rob McCargow- Director of AI at PWC

STEM careers cut across everything that we are doing in society and for that reason, is what makes the field so amazing.

The ability to make sense out of the huge amounts of data coming out of technology and using that to improve the world, helps us to create new systems, medications and improves education for all in society.

However, there are challenges that comes with this privilege, finding a career can be a difficult. Its an overwhelmingly white and male field, probably eighty five per cent people, and that particular issue with that, with they are above beyond the fact that you’ve got to have more equitable access to the right talent.

The most practical ways that this can be improved is by diversifying the intake of who is working in the field so that solutions can be provided that benefits all parts of society.

But in summary, there are quite a few who say it doesn’t necessarily necessarily have to be about being a Ph.D. in data science, an amazing WISL mathematics, hard core software engineer. There is a remarkable number of ways of getting into this huge growth area a sector that is going survive even in a pandemic. You may come into the sector from different angles which may prove to be very useful.

Celebrate your failures, take risks, grow, do something every week that makes you scared and focus on your passions.

Think about that moment in the morning when you wake up. Am I leaping up and grabbing this day by the scruff of its neck, or am I dreading the day? It’s the latter. Do something about it.


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