Nobody’s Wanted to Work for Hundreds of Years Now – The Reality of the Workforce Crisis

The talk of the town as of late has been a plea from recruiters and employers across the globe in an astounding labour force crisis. How did we get to this point? Well, the reality of it is that this phenomenon is far from new.


An excerpt from Rooks Country Record, April 27, 1894


The above image speaks to a reality that the maturing generations might forget in their current rage. This year (although it’s been this way forever, really), employers have been experiencing borderline despair in their efforts to find reliable employees, particularly in service industry positions like waiting tables or ringing up groceries. This issue has gotten to a point where certain businesses have been temporarily shutting their doors due to lack of labour.


So, what does this crisis mean for you as a member of the currently vilified generation?

 Depending on your perspective – it could be considered a good thing. At least we at Generation Success see it that way. Fewer young people are feeling desperate enough to take on unfulfilling work positions that offer no growth opportunities, no added benefits, and are even sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. With skyrocketing prices of gas, rent, and food, the daily trip to work can ruthlessly eat up an entire low-paid position’s paycheck.


People are becoming painfully aware of this and are, in exchange, much less enthusiastic to work for an hourly rate of 8 quid. This awareness speaks to a heavier matter, though. Employees are now more prepared to not work at all than to have to sell themselves off for less than their worth. It’s a change that transcends the matter of “work ethic”. In fact, unlike some are suggesting, it has little to nothing to do with work ethic.


This alleged “crisis” bears a striking resemblance to, as writer Scott Santens spoke of on Twitter, a time when Americans were called “softies and mollycoddles” for shifting to a measly 40-hour, 5-day work week in the 1920s. The terror!


In any case, it’s the people in power who have long since lost touch with the struggles of earning enough to make ends meet that are getting engorged at this uproar from the working class – and that’s how it’s always been.


The time has passed where we can work to live and live to work, and be satisfied with having nothing in between. It’s time to corner the exploitative employer and disallow unfair wages – and we’re moving toward that by “Not Wanting to Work” for less than we’re worth.


To summarise, as generations reach maturity, they seem to forget that there’s a type of job that no one wants to do – those being the underpaid, undervalued jobs. It’s an issue that’s been present for centuries, and is an issue that brought along the concept of weekends and holidays, and continues to help shape collective work culture.


By fighting for our rights as employees from grassroots, we build a more promising future for all employees – and that’s what Generation Success stands for. Follow along for more articles like this one, and sign up as a Success Seeker to ensure you get the best career-building opportunities delivered directly to your inbox.

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