Meet Black CodHer, Who Are Changing the Tech World

Black CodHer is changing the industry.

From coming up with an idea to start a Coding Bootcamp to being featured on the global broadcasting platform BBC to then being the front page of the UK Apple App Store in October 2020.

Black CodHer is giving the opportunity to increase the representation of black females in tech/coding.

With social creative organisations Niyo Enterprise and Coding Black Females teaming up to produce a free 6-month Coding Bootcamp for black women over the ages of 18, in Birmingham, with annual salary of less than £20,000. This programme has selected 52 talented individuals through which they will undergo exceptional coding courses.

This programme is a positive step into what we would like to see change in society, as it is giving a chance for black women, who are heavily underrepresented in this field (with only 3% of black women working in tech), to enter and secure a job in the technology industry.

Black CodHer is also hosting an Employer Roundtable Event on the 27thNovember 2020, where you can hear from leaders in the industry, attend networking workshops and discuss the need for diversity in the Tech Industry.

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