How to Tackle Pre-Interview Stress: Prepare to Ace Your Interviews

We are all well aware of that nervous feeling that can overcome us when we’re standing in that interview room. Anxiety and excitement join together to make for some rather nerve-wracking scenarios – and ultimately, we struggle to collect the confidence to perform at our very best.

Generation Success is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your interviews. Get the skill set you need to beat your nerves and impress any company’s hiring team. 

We’ve compiled some hands-on tips that can help you tackle stress and ace your interviews:


  • Prepare – Practice Makes Perfect

Practise common interview questions your interviewer might ask, and the potential answers to them. Research online for potential interview questions and then dive into the answers that will really make you stick out from the crowd. 

Instead of memorising thes answers, create a guideline for how you’d like your answer to flow. Remember the keywords you’d like to include and note them down to refer to while you interview.


  • Plan your journey 

It’s best to be organised and plan your journey in advance so that you don’t panic and stress out on the day of the interview. Work out how long the journey is and if you need to take any public transport and look up your path to find the fastest route to your destination. Consider leaving home ahead of time so that you don’t enter the interview out of breath and in a hurry.


  • Do your research 

We advise ‌you do your research on the company that you are interviewing for during your preparation, as that could mean the difference in a good interview and a stellar interview. Delve into what the company does, what its purpose, mission and vision are, and why you want to work for this company specifically. Try to understand why they should hire you and what skills you can bring to the company that will benefit them as compared to other candidates. 

The next time you’ve queued up an interview, instead of falling into the rut of nerves and anxiety, follow these tips. They’ll help you feel ready and secure, know where you’re going when you’re asked questions, and alleviate your stress like a pro.

All in all, the key to performing well and leaving an impression on your interviewers is confidence – and we build our confidence through preparation. Spend the morning of your interview pumping yourself up, and remember – if this isn’t the one, loads of awesome opportunities are only a click away.

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