Here’s how to take the next step in your career: Your guide to legal mentors.

Have you been struggling to make connections outside the university? How about securing any Graduate roles? Finishing your degree is a massive achievement, but you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by all of the questions about how your job search is going. Beginning your career in the highly competitive legal sector can be tricky, but you won’t have to do it alone. In fact, you can access support at every step of your career journey with a law mentor.

A mentor is someone person who gives you advice about your career. They work in the industries that you are interested in, and they can help you with everything from writing CVs to networking. Mentors aren’t exclusive to one industry, and each of them specialises in different areas within each job sector. And with the legal sector being as big as it is, you’ll have plenty of mentors to choose from.

Working with a mentor can hold many benefits for you and the early stages of your career. Rather than searching for vague career advice online, your mentor can identify your specific strengths and weaknesses and provide you with personalised advice that is catered to tackling the obstacles in the hiring processes within the law sector. From searching for a specific career path to excelling in an interview, your mentor will be there for you every step of the way.

A mentor will understand the issues you’re dealing with, as they were once in a similar position to you. They’ve been through tiring searches for work experience and countless hours of writing the “perfect” CV. If anyone can help you develop your professional skills, it’s your mentor. They can be a great help with your career, all while giving you the confidence to develop your skills and pursue new opportunities in the legal sector.

So, now that you know what a mentor is, where can you find one? Due to our connections to companies within the legal sector, we can match you to one of our mentors with a background in law. By signing up for the Generation Success mentorship programme, you can choose the exact advice you need from your mentor. Whether you want to win over a law firm with your cover letter, or find a summer internship during your law degree, our mentors are here to help, all at no cost to you.


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