Get A Job: The 4 Quick-Fix Tricks To Make Sure It Happens Next Time.

Are you on the market to find your next job? Do you feel like you’ve spent an eternity turning in CVs and not getting any responses? Or maybe you’re afraid to turn in your CV to begin with because you don’t feel confident with your own experience yet?

We’ve all been there… Transitioning from your entire life spent as a student into full-time employee mode is hard and everyone knows it. It really is all about getting that first job and putting some worthwhile experience onto your CV. After that, it gets easier.

But how do you get there?!

Have no fear – it seems scary, but hey – everyone who has a job now had to get their first job somehow. We all started off from the same, blank page. There are a million ways to take your first steps into the realm of professionals, but this article will cover 4 no-nonsense things anyone can do to make the process go over easier.

1. Build Your LinkedIn Profile And Use Their Job Search

LinkedIn’s job board is a literal treasure trove of positions. There’s something for everyone, everywhere, and under any circumstance. What’s even better though is the advanced filtering tools on LinkedIn allow you to select your experience level, availability, skills, and interests to only pull up positions you’re interested in.

Of course, for any of this to work out, you need to brush the dust off of your profile and do some other basic housekeeping. Make sure your information is up to date, and that your profile picture doesn’t include strobe lights or look like you’re having too much fun.

2. Tailor Your Resume

You. Can’t. Send. The. Same. Resume. To. Everyone. If you want to get a second glance with little to no experience, you’re going to have to go the extra mile. This entails things like writing out personalised messages in your “About Me” and listing your skills based on what the position requires.

3. Attend Free Career Fairs

Career fairs are still a fantastic way to meet recruiters who know what they’re signing up for. This is the place to be if you’re just starting your professional journey, as companies send representatives in search of fresh new talent. An upcoming career fair that we warmly recommend is The Making It Expo. This renowned expo brings together some of the biggest UK employers and connects them with up-and-coming professionals in an awesome, remote environment, and always sees candidates get hired.

4. Get Some Experience

Now before you say “That’s horrible advice” – hear us out.

We mean go volunteer. Even if it’s only part-time for a couple of months, volunteering in the industry that you want to work in later down the line will give you the critical experience you need to get the ball rolling.


All in all – you’re going to get there. We all start from practically nothing, but making the right moves is bound to set you on a course for success. If you’re on the market for more opportunities delivered directly to your inbox, join Generation Success’s success seeker programme here.