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Generation Success Goes German

German corporate leviathan SAP, a global collective occupying the software space industry, is proud to announce an investment opportunity within the UK market. This move comes as a desire to grow its pool of clients and such a decision will undoubtedly consolidate its occupation as a pivotal distributor of both cloud based solutions as well as services to aid UK based organisations run more efficiently. The company plans to funnel upwards of £250m into its UK operations. 


SAP is proud to unveil its new software appropriately called SAP UK Data Cloud which serves as a water tight British cloud technology. Further moves can be found in SAP’s ambition to establish two new offices in London, at 52 Lime Street colloquially known as the Scalpel, and another in Manchester. Secondary moves will see SAP enhance its employment opportunities through acquiring new blood via its internship schemes. There is an expectation of 250. Whilst an exact figure pertaining to the number of new positions that will be created, managing director Michiel Verhoeven said it would be in the hundreds. Generation Success will be heavily involved in this endeavor continuing supply the very finest talent to SAP’s profound  attainment of the software industry. 


With this new product held firmly in SAP’s retention, the German goliath will be able to provide cloud solutions and services using hyperscale infrastructure at UK data centres. It is becoming increasingly commonplace for industries to turn to cloud storage that makes it their top priority to ensure all data is managed and stored correctly. Nowhere is the need for this more apparent than in the public sector. 


SAP as it exists today, started off as a very different company and over the course of five decades has expanded, enjoying a successful business culture and garnering continued success and attainment in the technology industry. Whilst almost impossible to conceive, factoring in its continued growth as a financial powerhouse, the inception of SAP saw it begin as replacing old punch card machines with electronic systems. From this noble genesis, SAP has evolved to yield numerous impressive accolades such as becoming a global superpower supplying payroll technology married together with accounting programs. Moreover, the company has garnered £131b as a result of its dual marketing tools coupled with its human resources services.   


Today’s world is a truly contentious one with all matters on the political spectrum rising from the nether region. From Biden’s America to the Covid crisis and the climate change catastrophe it seems that there’s always one more entity to escape Pandora’s box.  On our own soil, we not only have Johnson’s cabinet shenanigans to contend with but also the tumultuous territory of Brexit to navigate. A promising agreement via the European Council has ensured that despite Britain’s insistence upon departing the EU, data is still able to travel to and from the UK to the rest of Europe with both pin point accuracy and ease. Furthermore, in spite of the mere mention of the frosty term ‘Brexit’, Verhoeven has guaranteed that Anglo Germanic relations would remain as potent as possible as the UK’s market for SAP would enable it to produce upwards of £20b regardless of the Brexit quagmire. 


The aforementioned predicament with Covid has resulted in a renaissance regarding working life, among other areas. Nowhere is this footprint on the pages of history more visible than in the working habits of city dwellers. Pre Covid, (I coined that first, you all heard me correctly) the city workers were packed into offices like silver spoons, regailing their peers with tedious anecdotes around the watering hole of the vending machines. Mirroring the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, Covid arrived and brought this to a close.  


Whilst the trend of working from home continues to gain traction, Verhoeven added, “We still want an office culture to take charge over our employees working from home. Whilst we can appreciate the current climate of fear surrounding Covid, SAP remains adamant that a healthy office environment is the key to our employees remaining productive. 


More on SAP and Generation Success:> https://news.sap.com/uk/2021/07/sap-announces-e1-4-billion-investment-in-the-uk-over-the-next-five-years/



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