Career-crushing Changes: Beware of Rescinded Job Offers

Two years after the whirlpool of economic demolition brought on by COVID-19, employers are struggling to stay afloat. Here’s what you should do if your job offer gets rescinded.

It’s a scary time to be on the prowl for new jobs – especially because of an onsetting trend of repealed job offers only days before starting. This leaves hopeful employees between a rock and a hard place, generally having already announced their resignations and having rejected any other potential offers.

This behaviour is by no means ethical, nor common practice for any reputable organisation – although as fear of recession stays imminent, even companies like Twitter and Redfin have been caught in the act. 


Despite being a deeply undesirable position, there are things you can do to mitigate the damage of having your job offer rescinded. 

First things first – it’ll be hard to sue.

For a successful lawsuit against your would-be employer, you’ll have to prove that they should have known they won’t be able to fulfil the job offer. This makes most cases of this nature a no-go, however disappointing that might be.


Prevention is better than cure.

Check out how well your future employers are doing before diving in. Make sure you research the numbers and trends and consider your actions wisely based on what you learn. Consistent downward trends might be cause for concern. 


Be vocal. Let your network know.

You never know where your friends are hiding. You might end up surprised by the positive feedback of your transparency. An example is the story of Bethalyn Staples, who expected to kick off her dream job at a software firm only days before her offer was rescinded. Her honesty through LinkedIn resulted in a shower of support and opportunities, and she’s now bounced back and ready to go. 


Text your Ex (Employer).

If you and your past employer ended things in good terms, it can’t hurt to reach out and see how far along they are in finding your replacement. After all, considering your hands-on experience with the position, no one new could ever out-qualify you.


To avoid a scary situation like a job offer rescindment, make sure you always refer to reliable sources in your hunt. Generation Success makes a point of only connecting with reliable employers from top-tier companies. Find our open positions through this link.

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