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BAME Leadership Conference a Success to #MovetoEquality and #ActivateChange

On October 20th, we hosted our BAME Leadership Conference, with the aim of connecting industry with future talent, while tackling the elephant in the room. We brought together 11 speakers, all from different backgrounds, operating within different industries, having various specialisations, interests and stories. Ursula Henry, our fellow board member, kicked-off the conference with an amazing keynote speech, on how to become an ally, and the importance of inclusivity. Dr. Bijna K Dasani then highlighted the power of inclusion, at her inspiring speech.

James Adeleke, our CEO, then welcomed Aden Eyob, Aliza Ayaz, Movell Dash, Lin Yue and David Neita at the BAME Leadership Panel, where our fellow panelists shared their stories and personal experiences, outlining the challenges BAME persons face, while entering into their industries. Having multiple viewpoints was indeed very valuable, given industries react upon and deal with the issues around diversity and inclusion differently.

After our panel session we moved to the Employer Zone where we accommodate organizations who wish to showcase their early career opportunities at the booths we provide. We were delighted to have live representatives from BT on board. Our attendees visited the booth, asked their questions, and networked with the fellow representatives. Simultaneously, we offered Speed Mentoring sessions.

We closed off our event with 3 workshops, conducted by Geoffrey Williams, Fatemaa Ahsan and Marcus Orlovsky. Geoffrey talked about microaggressions, and provided his audience with the guidelines to deal with them. Fatima, on the other hand, discussed the relationship between the development and civil behavior and inclusivity. She went down to the roots of the issue, and explained to her audience that we need to take a bottom-up approach, while trying to initiate change. Last but not least, Marcus shared the guidelines on how to break through self-limiters, encouraging his audience to “Be Brave”.

We would like to thank everyone who attended. We are very proud to have hosted such inspiring and esteemed professionals and organisations who are dedicated to equality.

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