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5 tips on how to have a successful career

Lets talk about the 5 steps to have a successful career…

You may ask yourself, how do I break into an industry I don’t have much exposure to? How do I succeed with a new job? How do I do things differently?

Well here is the first step.

You will need to develop a growth mindset, meaning there is a tendency to take always have control and that can never be the case especially for what happens in our external environment.

A growth mindset isn’t about having a positive mindset, although it is very crucial, it is about cultivating a mindset and how  one adapts to chances, bouncing back from setbacks, learning and growing as a results.

Now more than ever, at this crucial time in the world, having a good mindset is important. Having said that, it is not easy to develop a growth mindset, as everyone has a fixed mindset. Facing challenges, receiving criticisms may encourage encourage the person to feel insecure or even defensive.

In order have this growth mindset, you must be able to embrace failure and see it as a learning opportunity and also understand no one is an overnight success. Another challenge would also be to seek out opportunities for yourself to further yourself in career opportunities.


Another tip would be

to discover your unique selling point. If you don’t know, try and self reflect on your core skills, what your strengths are and what you do really well.

This will be extremely important as jobs that exist today or even yesterday have disappeared due to the pandemic. Recognizing that you will need to be able identify and articulate what your transferable skills to be able to position yourself for a new role.


The third tip

will be about building quality relationships with people that can support you, empower you and teach you to help you achieve your career goals. At any point in your career you will face challenges and will need support and insight from people that can help you navigate it.

This could be mentors, people that have the experience, knowledge and are willing to support you achieve your career goals. There also sponsors that can open doors for you, offer assignments, promotions. Although relationships are the bare minimum for your careers, these relationships can make a big difference in your career.

The fourth tip would be to step outside your comfort zone. If you want to grow, you have to step out your comfort zone. Of course, you might feel nervous, you might feel uncertain. But if you really want to grow, if you want to have a good career, a career that you want and are proud of, stepping outside your comfort zone is an important step.


to have a successful career would not to be afraid to pivot, but take a different direction or different complete the current career path. Remember to take control over your career.

You are the CEO of your career and no one else.


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