• Connecting to the Governmant
  • Be Part of a growing list of employers to sign our letter to Government

    This letter asks the government to act now to make Diversity and Inclusion a priority for all business

  • Equality Pledge
  • Showcase your commitment to our equality pledge

    Our “Move to Equality” pledge is a call to everyone within a business to lead the drive to create equal opportunities for all young people.

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Our D&I consultancy and training works with organisations to move to equality internally, and utilize their influence and resources to help society to do the same
  • Equality Champions Network
  • Our Equality champions are individuals committed to economic equality.
    We provide guidance and a framework to assist individuals to create change within their organisations.

    This initiative is designed to harness the collective voices of the nation to make equality a reality and not just an idea

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