Women on the Board: How to Advance to a Position of Influence

A chance to learn from some of the UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs and professionals.

On the 8th March 2017, Generation Success welcomes you to “Women on the Board: How to advance to a Position of Influence.” Inspired by and sharing the date with International Women’s Day, this event will commend the professional achievements of leading business women and teach today’s young females that their gender does not define or limit their potential.

International Women’s Day is an annual celebration, which has surpassed its centenary anniversary. For over 100 years, citizens all around the world have celebrated the achievements of our predecessors who fought to enhance the status of women professionally, socially and domestically. Moreover, International Women’s Day serves as motivation to continue the fight for absolute equality.

In contemporary first world societies, the issue of gender equality masquerades itself as a resolved issue. Within the professional sphere however, this is certainly not the case! The FTSE 2016 demonstrates that for the first time in half a decade, the number of women in leading positions has waned. “Women on the Board: How to advance to a Position of Influence” will specialise in educating females from different backgrounds on how to increase this stagnating figure, and rise to leadership positions within their chosen fields.

Generation Success welcomes to the podium five successful female professionals to reveal their inspirational stories. Each masters in different fields, they all share the same relentless determination and enthusiasm, which allowed them to build very successful careers. Heidy Rehman, founder of Rose and Willard, Jenny Garrett, award winning coach and author of Rocking Your Role, Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway, Ursula Henry, Head of Membership and Funding at the Banking Standards Board (BSB) and Mavis Amankwah, a Diversity and Inclusion expert and award winning entrepreneur at Richvisions will each share their inspirational stories with our audience. These efficacious characters will showcase that women possess the creativity and capability to become successful and influential business figures.

Julie Chakraverty, founder of Rungway, the app which provides a platform for individuals to give and receive advice about work-life challenges believes, “we should stop focusing on our differences and build on what we have in common. True innovation comes from inclusion.” This event will demonstrate that women as a social group are not alone; but are supported by networks that are dedicated to making their dream a reality.

By, Xanthia Adamou
PR Manager

Event Venue Address: Eversheds 1 Wood Street, EC2V 7WS

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