The PWC Careers Day in conjunction with Generation Success took place on October, 24th at the PwC Embankment, London. A proud moment to team up with PwC and a perfect opportunity to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to 60 dream hunters to learn, discuss, network and be inspired. Out of 1400 applicants online,60 got shortlisted and followed by an initial assessment interview done by GS team, they joined us at PwC, an empowering opportunity to learn more about what it is like to work with PwC and how the company stands different, their recruitment process and inspiring key panellist’s career journeys.
The message from PwC Recruitment Team to the selected 60 Dream hunters for the day –
You’ll get to be involved in a variety of teamwork and business games, find out if you have the makings of a commercial thinker and have the opportunity to meet recent graduates to answer all your question. All of this will focus your mind on the kind of personal and business skills we look for in people. The result? A better idea of whether professional services is for you – and lots of fun along the way.
You’ll also benefit from plenty of practical advice about the recruitment process and pick up hints and tips on application and interview techniques. All of which will be invaluable whatever your next steps will be.
This event is open to both home and International students

The event started with an introduction by Mr.James Adeleke (Founder, Generation Success) and then followed by Ms Holly Crompton ( Audit Associate, PwC ) who took us through the agenda for the day. The first inspiring speaker was Mr.Rob McCargow (Director of Artificial Intelligence, PwC) who took us through his career journey, his current role and life at PwC. The purpose on which PwC firmly believes- “ Our purpose is clear- to build trust in society and solve important problems” quite hold prominent in their speech.
After a brief video shared by Holly Crompton of the People Director at PwC and her inspiring speech, the attendees broke for lunch as arranged and were enjoying the conversations over nibbles. Post lunch, she then introduced the dream hunters to the PwC four panellists and their testimonials. They were,
Nadia Mensah (Senior Associate, Audit Transformation)
Francesca Cype(Senior Associate, Transaction Services )
Hayley Winter (Associate, Strategy )
Naomi Cheng ( Senior Associate, Tax)
These panellists were once Dream Hunters! They shared their personal experiences, their academic background and how they overall felt about their current professional juncture at PwC. The attendees look excited about the Q&A session and the panellists were happy to answer each of these. It was insightful for everyone.
We finally had the Recruitment Manager, Ms Laura Kaye. Yes, the department with a Personnel Touch.HR is all about having the right people, right abilities, and right place and at a right time. Ms Laura took the attendees through the PwC Recruitment Process – Academic Requirements, Situational Judgement Test, Game-Based Assessment and Practical Session Group Exercise. Adding to the above, she shared a valuable tip about video interviews and the Dos and Dont’s to it. The entire lot looked super engaged and taking down notes on valuable tips and suggestions. The Q&A with her was super helpful and exciting.
The highlighting quote by J.K Rowling ( Author of Harry Potter Novels) – Be Successful- Be your Better Self.
“It’s impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all-in which case, you fail by default.”
The above holds true impact and a good example of how your passion could lead you to be your better self and be contended.
Lastly the event and the day was wrapped up by a speech made by James Adeleke, Founder Director Generation Success thanking PwC team to a partner with us and support us in our venture and career accelerator programs and congratulating the dream hunters for making it to the Careers day and urging them to make the most of this opportunity by applying with PwC. There is no substitute to experience. Get Involved and take something for life.

Snippets from the event in the gallery below.

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