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Welcoming our Guest Blogger Ms. Julie Morris, who has kindly penned this powerful piece for us.
Julie Morris is a life and career coach. She thrives on helping others live their best lives. It’s easy for her to relate to clients who feel run over by life because she’s been there. When Julie isn’t working with clients, she enjoys writing and is currently working on her first book. She also loves spending time outdoors and getting lost in a good book. Visit her site at juliemorris.org
Harvard Business Review claims that too much stress can tank your ability to get things done at work. When you’re busy fixating on things that are outside of your control — think other people’s attitudes, unexpected deadlines, etc. — it is much harder to get through even simple tasks. When the pressure is turned up to 10, it can make you feel like there’s no reason to keep working and cloud your ability to see innovative solutions to your problems.
What causes workplace stress?
The American Institute of Stress notes there are four main causes of workplace stress: lack of job security, work/life balance, issues with coworkers and workload. The latter of these accounts for nearly half of all stress in the workplace.
Don’t do it
When the amount of work you have exceeds the number of hours in your day, there’s a problem. However, as a small business owner or manager, there are ways to empty parts of your plate so that you can focus on your main obligations. Learn how to delegate tasks that take up your time. In addition to freeing up minutes and hours for planning and organizing, spreading out the workload encourages communication and trust and also helps employees develop their own skill set. This will lead to a more efficient workplace overall, which will make everyone happy.
Don’t do it at home, either
Workplace stress is one thing, but stress at home is another beast altogether. It’s easy to let issues in your personal life spill over into work, which will only add to your burden. Don’t be afraid to outsource chores that don’t contribute to your health and happiness. Some of the most time-consuming duties at home include cleaning, handling lawn maintenance and tending to pets. Women spend an average of two hours and 15 minutes each day on house-related activities, and men nearly an hour and a half. That’s a lot of time that could be put to use improving your mental health. Hire a dog walker a few times per week, schedule a monthly deep cleaning and find a lawn care service to do the hot and sweaty work while you read a book, take a nap or bond with family.
Reduce tension and increase productivity
If you happen to be the boss, you have a lot of power where changing your office environment is concerned. While it might be a little more stressful, to begin with, you will create a more productive environment for your entire staff if you take the time to address issues that cause discontent. Depending on your company’s technical capabilities, expanding your work environment may be one option. Entrepreneur notes that up to 90 percent of workers claim to be more productive when they are given the option to work from home. This cuts out the stress of traffic, watercooler gossip, and continual interruptions. In addition, moving to a remote office environment at least a few days a week will give you – and your employees – about an hour each day back from time spent commuting.
Cutting stress really is that important
It’s easy to think that stress is simply part of life. And to an extent, it is. However, an overly stressful work environment significantly reduces your quality of life. As outlined by Health, there are numerous different types of workplace stress and each has its own specific recipe for disaster. Too much stress can lead to chest pain, a waning libido, upset stomach, and constant irritability and that’s no good for anyone.

Less Stress, More time to achieve your Dreams.

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