My Journey In Generation Success- By Elodie Sandio


I discovered Generation success in the career fair at my university in September 2017 where I immediately joined as a premium member. I did not hesitate to join on the spot because I listen to one of their volunteers who explain the mission and vision of Generation Success. So, I instantly knew that that was what I have been looking throughout my life at university. Letter on I was attending events, had a good session with my career coach as a premium member and stated feeling like I needed to give back and at the same time Know a bit more about the community which made me to volunteer as a student ambassador and working with passion. I saw myself fitting within the environment

The reason why I joined generation success is because I am interested in developing my employability confidence, self-motivation, and other aspects of my Career. Also, I always wanted to get a real job office experience that could help me increase my confidence Just be part of a community that can help me support me growth throughout my journey, It Enable me build relationship that can improve my life. James Adeleke the director and my line manager Marta massively impact my decision in joining the community because they made realise that everything is possible and was there to open the doors for me.

My career aspiration is to became an HR in an organisation During my time at university, I realise that I was passionate about tackling human issues and organisation success. The Director gave me the opportunity to take the community manager role which is a great start for my career ladder.

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