8-partnersAs a social non profit, we realise that in order to help more young professionals achieve success, there needs to be a lot of support for them.

With this need becoming ever more obvious with young professionals we are looking to partner with other similar minded organisations in order help provide the largest network of support we can to our dream hunters.

By working together our goals can be achieved in a much more effective way that benefits young professionals and dream hunters far more than just working by ourselves.

As a general partner, we share our insights and learnings with you, co brand events and training and merge our networks together to create a much bigger impact as we aim to have help create more success for graduates and young professionals.

We’re very open when it comes to considering who could be a general partner for Generation Success, essentially we’re looking for partners who can add value to our dream hunters so if you believe that is you, please get in touch now and we’ll arrange an in depth discussion with you.

Contact us today to see how we can partner together to develop our dream hunters and rapidly grow your business!