5-individualsWithout the help of individuals like you and I, Generation Success wouldn’t be where it is today without others getting involved and because of that we have immense respect for individuals who want to get involved. Here’s how you can too:

Inspire our dream hunters with how you’ve made your life successful

We’ve all got our life stories and a desire to help others and based on the stories that we’ve heard, your stories are pretty incredible and on top of that you have mind blowing knowledge which in our opinion, is better out than in.

This is why we have top notch speakers at our Breaking Barriers events to add that extra spice of motivation to the evening’s event.

If you’re confident that you can inspire the next generation of success in the UK by sharing your story then here’s how you can get involved:

  • Becoming a Speaker – Dream Icon
  • Becoming a Mentor – Dream Inspirer
  • Become a Skills Coach – Dream Creator
  • Provide Work Experience  – Dream Teacher

As a speaker we’re looking for inspiring personalities who have a mind altering story to tell. You can set the example and show our dream hunters the pathway to success and physically show them how to break down the barriers holding them back from success.

Being a speaker will reward you with:

  • Playing a significant part in the development of our dream hunters
  • Inspiring our dream hunters to shift their mindset and make life changing decisions
  • Leading the UK’s march to the next generation of success

Contact us now to become a Dream Icon and inspire the next generation of Dream Hunters

As a Dream Inspirer you get to mentor and mould a young and dynamic mind of our dream hunters. Whether they’ve recently graduated or they’ve got years of career experience already our dream hunters are always looking for guidance and advice.

As I’m sure you’ve experienced, sometimes you don’t know what the ‘right’ path is when you’re presented with opportunities in life and this is where mentors can add value.  A common mistake of many young professionals is to chase money, but more often than not, this is a means to an end.  As a mentor your dream hunter will look to you to help guide them in the ‘right’ direction. From our experience, the ‘right’ path has always been what’s best for the dream hunter’s development – not their bank account.

By mentoring a dream hunter you get to:

  • Share your experience with an eager to learn dream hunter and develop a long term relationship with them
  • Play a highly active role with the development of a dream hunter looking to follow in your footsteps
  • To be the co pilot of a dream hunter flying to success, contact us now and we’ll send you the profiles of a good match for you

Through the Breaking Barriers workshops, we run skills sessions which help our dream hunters develop the skills which have been proven as critical for success. We can have all the drive and motivation in the world but if dream hunters can’t apply that to anything then they resemble a Porsche without wheels.

As a Dream Creator, we look to you to perform a life changing pit stop in the development of the dream hunters and put the best wheels you can on the Porsche so our dream hunters can speed their way to success.

In return for being a Dream Creator you’ll get:

  • To coach dream hunters one on one to provide them with the skills they need to achieve success
  • A fantastic feeling of giving back
  • To help dream hunters overcome the barriers holding them back from success
  • To help our dream hunters break their barriers by teaching them new skills

Once Dream Hunters have attended Breaking Barriers and put ‘the new wheels on their Porsche’ they need to be able to test drive their new skills in a safe environment. This is why it’s important for dream hunters to be able to shadow a Dream Teacher on a project where they can demonstrate their new skills. This proves to be a tremendous confidence booster for dream hunters eager to prove themselves to the world with their new skill set of success.

We’ll send a dream hunter to shadow you for a day so they can help you with a project you’re working on and demonstrate their new skills. By being a Dream Teacher you’ll get:

  • A different perspective the project you’re working on
  • Play a key role in the development of a dream hunter’s skill set
  • Create a long term relationship with the dream hunter

If you have a deep desire to help develop the dream hunters and a test track for them to demonstrate new skills such as….. Leadership, management and then contact us and tell us about yourself and we’ll match you up with a dream hunter.

Join our illustrious guest list of top entrepreneurs who have inspired our dream hunters to pursue their dreams in the same way that they did.

Contact us now if you can help transform the life of a dream hunter!