6-companiesAs a high flying company, we realise that you face certain challenges such as:

  • How to recruit top talent
  • How to enhance your brand image
  • How to demonstrate your values

At Generation Success we want to help you create a win-win situation to solve these problems within your business while you also get to help young and hungry professionals destined for success. Here is how:

As a Sponsor of Generation Success

Being a sponsor of Generation Success, you’ll get direct access to some of the brightest young minds in the UK which helps you target top tier talent with jobs as you build up a long term relationship with the Dream Hunters.

Rather than rely on old fashioned recruitment techniques and an influx of CVs, come and engage and inspire the mouth watering talent by providing turbo powered mentoring, mind blowing stories and help our dream hunters achieve success.

You’ll be a cornerstone of their development on their unique pathway to success which brings bucket loads of brand integrity for your company.

You’ll be made pride of place at our monthly networking events which involves an introduction to all dream hunters at each event, a FREE ticket to our annual dinner with city professionals and you’ll even get to teach new and valuable skills to the dream hunters at our Breaking Barriers events through our workshops.

On top of that, you’ll get to connect with Britain’s top entrepreneurs at our Breaking Barriers events where we’ve previously had guests such as James Caan (Dragons Den), Laura Tennison MBE (Founder of JoJo Mama) and Jonathan Phfal (Founder of Rockstar Group). Imagine connecting and forming allegiances with the likes of these!

We create custom made sponsorship packages designed to fit your criteria where you can sponsor:

  • Everything – and be a Dream Leader
  • Dinner with Professionals – and be a Dream Eater
  • Breaking Barriers – become a Dream Maker
  • Monthly networking – become a Dream Supporter

Download our sponsorship package to see where we can best help you:

 Generation Success Sponsorship Packages 2013-14


We have a problem and we want a team of hungry, young and ambitious dream hunters to solve it…

Ah, you have a problem within your business, don’t panic and there’s no need to get the boss involved either. Through our Work Based Challenge, we work with booming companies to help solve problems within their business.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone has problems, some of the world’s greatest companies such as Apple, Amazon and Fed Ex were born out of solving problems and our Work Based Challenge gives our dream hunters the chance to follow in their footsteps.

How it works is that we’ll work with you to solve a painful problem that you’re business is suffering from, we’ll train up the dream hunters on the Work Based Challenge in idea generation, strategy and develop their problem solving skills.

We’ll then introduce them to your company to find out more information about your painful problem that you’ve got before they then come up with ideas as part of a team, develop them and then pitch the ideas to your companies and you get to choose which idea is the best and use it to solve the problem.

Your problem then gets solved by the dream hunters which gives them a fantastic experience which they can replicate in the future and your business becomes more efficient without the painful problem holding it back from success.

It’s a fantastic programme for companies of any size, be it a one man startup or a FTSE 100 multi national and we’re looking for companies to partner with us to take part in the Work Based Challenge.

Contact us now to tell us what painful problem you’re company has and we’ll tell you how we can solve it for you

We love what you guys are doing…

We receive donations from many incredible supporters of Generation Success who want to see us succeed as much as they want the dream hunters to live amazingly successful lives. We’re very fortunate to have companies who are wealthy enough to back us with their extremely generous donations and we keep them updated with the progress of the dream hunters throughout the year.

We reinvest donations back into further helping skyrocket the development of our dream hunters by creating more events throughout the year which provides them with more opportunities to develop, collaborate and make even more new and valuable connections.

We’d love to sponsor you but….

Not a problem! We realise that not everyone is in a position to sponsor Generation Success and help accelerate the development of our dream hunters as they power their way to unimaginable successful futures.

So, we also have a volunteer package where you can volunteer to network and dramatically contribute to the success of our dream hunters. By becoming a volunteer you get to contribute to the development of the UK’s most driven young minds as they create successful careers for themselves and help drive Generation Success into a European wide initiative.

Get in touch with us now to see how we can help integrate the most talented young professionals in the country into your business!